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- the Kazakh relations

the New subject of federation Lenin`s Kazakh city

the city of Leninsk Located in Kazakhstan which population provides functioning of the cosmodrome Baikonur becomes Russian, since August, 1st can become 90 - m the subject of the Russian Federation. The agreement on it paraphed yesterday Russian vitse - prime minister Alexey Bolshakov and the first vitse - the prime minister of Kazakhstan Nigmatzhan Isingarin. The city and the earths adjoining to it will depart Russia at least for 20 years - for the period of cosmodrome rent. Thus Leninsk will find again the status closed cities.

the Intergovernmental agreement on transfer of Leninsk under the Russian jurisdiction provides, in particular, transfer of a city on 100 - percentage financing from the Russian state budget. It would Seem, the Russian expenses from - for it should not grow strongly: Both Leninsk, and Baikonur on 94 % are financed by Russia since October, 1992. However according to the agreement Moscow undertakes not only to support, but also to develop a city infrastructure, and also two nearby Kazakh settlements.
transition of Leninsk in the Russian hands, according to Alexey Bolshakova, will not cause a re-registration of the commercial enterprises existing in a city. Office-work - it and so it is conducted in Russian will not change also. But Moscow promises to change a standard of living of inhabitants of Leninsk - already from the first of August they will start to get wages and pensions in the Russian roubles. However, and the Kazakh tenges from the reference will not withdraw - Leninsk officially becomes a unique polycurrency city of the CIS. However, how relations of Kazakhstan of Leninsk being almost in the centre and actually Kazakh areas will be regulated in practice purely economic, it becomes known on August, 1st. By this time of the government of two countries should sign about 30 documents regulating ability to live of a city.