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the Terrorist was registered in search within a year

In territory of the Chechen Republic Alavdi Vahidov, last from the four of the Chechen terrorists who have grasped in the end of May of last year in hostages of 36 passengers of the trip bus Vladikavkaz - Stavropol is detained and delivered yesterday to Stavropol Territory. For clearing of hostages terrorists have demanded $10 million After reception of the repayment gangsters, having released the most part of hostages and having left with itself of four women, by the given helicopter have taken off from Minvody for the Chechen Republic. After landing of three terrorists have been detained, and hostages are released, however Alavdi Vahidovu with a currency part was possible to disappear. Have been condemned by the Stavropol regional court last summer of three detained terrorists: the leader of a gang of Magomeda Bitsieva have sentenced to execution, and Temir - Ali Mazhaev and Ahmed Mahmaev have received for 15 years of imprisonment. According to the first zamprokurora Stavropol Territory Alexey Seljukova, detention of Vahidova was promoted by the new authorities created on released from dudaevskih of bands territories of the Chechen Republic. Seljukov has declared also that accusation in capture of hostages will be brought to Vahidovu, and after an end of the investigation it will appear before court.

Grandees of advertising are fined by tax police
In 1994 - 95 years the largest advertising agencies of Russia regularly broke tax laws. On it has informed an informed circle in the Moscow management of Department of tax police of Russia. As he said, during checks accounting infringements, unreasonable write-off of means on expenses, and also cases vzaimoraschetov by cash currency without due registration have been revealed. Among infringers of tax laws appear Open Company Prime minister SV (Open Company " is shown to collecting 1,6 mlrd roubles); The prime minister (861 million roubles), Joint-Stock Company Studio ` Oster ` (900 million roubles), Joint-Stock Company LogoVAZpres (350 million roubles), Joint-Stock Company the Producer company ` Video interneshnl ` (335 million roubles). Everything, according to the representative of tax police, for five months of current year for tax laws infringement penal sanctions for the sum from above 450 mlrd rbl.

Bankers are shown capital commercial structures have finished the bank to bankruptcy
the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Latvia has filed criminal charges against the were president of the largest bank of the country Baltic Talisa Frejmanisa and its assistant Alexander Laventa. They are accused that in the end of April, 1995 60 % of credit resources of bank in the 80 million sum latov have exchanged approximately ($160 million) for the Russian state long-term bonds. Term of repayment of these bonds - 2008, at charge of 3 % annual. According to the present president of bank Uldisa Klaussa, promissory notes under bonds Baltic has not received in general, and their market cost makes 29 % from face value so at their realisation it is possible to receive only the third part from 80 million latov. Frejmanis and Lavent are accused under item 64 UK of Latvia of deliberate finishing Baltics to bankruptcy. To them threatens from 5 till 12 years of imprisonment. As a preventive punishment the accused selects a subscription about nevyezde. Baltic in the meantime has stopped all bank operations.

have been detained suspected of abduction of a unique vase
on May, 30th in Latvia four persons suspected of armed assault on jeweller college of Oleg Auzersa in Riga are detained. The call centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia has informed on it yesterday. Arrested persons are placed in a temporary detention facility. As informed on April, 7th, 1995, robbers have stolen 10 - a kilogramme silver vase Gifts of autumn which cost, according to experts of the college, made not less than $1 million to Troy of arrested persons on suspicion in fulfilment of this crime were earlier sudimy. Margolin`s pistol is withdrawn From criminals with the muffler, the Spanish revolver It is old a German revolver Arminus handcuffs, and also the form of customs officers and civil guardsmen. Despite detention of suspects, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia cannot give any information on yet site of the stolen work of art.

the Riga district court has decided the first decision on deprivation of the Latvian citizenship to deprive of a certain Ivan Haritonova`s Latvian citizenship and members of his family, brothers Alexander and Nikolay and sister Julia Ivanchikovu. It is the first case of deprivation of citizenship after restoration of independence of Latvia. Ivan Haritonov now is in custody in connection with the charge put forward against it in extortion. In 1992 the Department on citizenship and immigration has registered its and aforementioned members of a family as citizens of Latvia on the basis of the birth certificate of their mother Very Haritonovoj. In the certificate it has been specified that she was born in Riga on September, 30th, 1923. However during the check spent by employees of Office of Public Prosecutor, it was found out that in Latvia the corresponding birth certificate Haritonovoj did not stand out. At number put on the document, in 1981 the birth certificate has been given out other person. Besides, in the certificate on death by Haritonovoj it has been specified that she was born in Gorki area. Lawyer Haritonova Vilhelms Kozlovskis intends to appeal against against the decision of the Riga court in the Supreme court of Latvia. As he said, the Law on citizenship of Latvia provides possibility of deprivation of citizenship only in the event that the person, its received, has meaningly given about itself incorrect data. It, according to the lawyer, neither Haritonov, nor members of his family did not do.

the unknown person threatened with broadcasting company explosion
Yesterday in Vladivostok at two o`clock work of the Pacific broadcasting company " has been paralysed; Vladivostok also translation to Primorski Territory all television (including transfers 1 - go and 2 - go channels) and radio programs is stopped. In 16. 00 local time in TGTRK Vladivostok the unknown person who has informed has called that the building is mined and in five hours after its call there will be an explosion. Calling has declared: It is a bomb for Nazdratenko (the governor of Primorski Territory-). Employees UFSB and militias evacuated the broadcasting company personnel, and sappers of a regiment of marines of Pacific fleet within two hours searched for an explosive, but have not found. After that workers of a broadcasting company have admitted in a building, and the interrupted announcement has been renewed. Bomb searches proceeded still some time, but results and have not brought.

the court over Robert Maksvella`s sons
in Bailey`s London court Old Has begun on May, 31st process on business 36 - summer Kevin and 38 - summer Yana Maksvellov, sons of British publisher Robert Maksvella who has died under obscure circumstances has begun. Brothers are accused of illegal financial operations from $35 million from a pension fund of publishing concern belonging to their father. Charge is shown also to two more former employees of concern: to Larri Trahtenbergu and Robert Bunnu. Proceeding threatens to become the most bulky and expensive in the British history. Only the preliminary investigation preceding arrest of brothers Maksvellov two years ago, has demanded participation more than 50 lawyers and police officers. It was spent by the special police division generated in 1988 - department large moshennichestv Serious Fraud Office (SFO). Since in the summer of 1993 business has been transferred in court, employees SFO have presented to court of 37 thousand accusatory documents. And the total amount of materials of business makes more than 3 million pages. The jury of jurymen consisting of 7 women and 5 men, has been selected from more than 700 nominees. Defenders accused already have received 4,7 million pounds sterling of the fee. On business passes more than 60 witnesses, basically employees of financial divisions of concern Maksvella. It is expected that process will come to the end not earlier than in half a year.

by publication preparation materials of news agencies ITAR - TASS, " are used; Interfax AFI, BNS and own correspondents.