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Around affairs of Vajnberga

the Government of Russia did not authorise the project on processing of an electronic breakage Association AKO . Firm was guided exclusively by State Committee on Precious Metals and Precious Stones orders. Inspectors connect it that the leading expert in AKO the adopted son of the vice-president of State Committee on Precious Metals and Precious Stones Yury Kotljara Igor Mitkovsky worked. However, itself Mitkovsky explains the participation in work AKO that he is an expert in the field of breakage processing ( Where still to me to work? ) And anything criminal in it does not see.
in the footsteps of AKO firm Vajnberga " has gone; Solev management . But under experiment of Vajnberga in May, 1992 there was Egor Gaydar`s special decision. In spite of the fact that Vajnberga had problems with customs procedure closing, he has managed to finish experiment. The report on experiment in the beginning of this year has been presented to the government of Russia. Anatoly Chubays has appended on it instructions: to Consider and consider by working out of projects in gold mining . Vajnberg wanted to publish the experience of processing of a breakage abroad, but the report Solev management have coded, it has been as a result made only three copies. And all of them zavisli in various departments: in Ministry of Economics and in Crewe at the president of Russia which spends State Committee on Precious Metals and Precious Stones audit.
nevertheless experience Solev management it is successfully used by commercial structures. It is said that on some Belgian affinazhnye factories arrive trucks with an electronic breakage. After processing gold is taken away by the Russian military men and free import it into Russia. The representative in Moscow Belgian firm the Union of Minor engaged processing of an electronic breakage, has declared that its company deals only with joint-stock company the Moscow Expo . Its export manager Evgenie Kruchinin has explained to the correspondent that on export of gold it has State Committee on Precious Metals and Precious Stones permission. At breakage export the Moscow Expo pays the excise at a rate of 50 % from cost of processing and the VAT for all this sum. After that the customs free passes gold to Russia. It is necessary to guess only why the customs committee makes so rigid demands to Solev management and why to a limit has simplified registration of a customs procedure for the Moscow Expo .