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The astrological forecast

Friday, on June, 2nd


Today is rich on astrological events. The moon, answering for emotions and subconsciousness, shows surprising activity (first of all, it will feel born under Cancer and Taurus signs). If at you good intuition, listen to it - she can prompt correct courses.
good luck waits today for those who differs a practicality and has got used to approach to all seriously. They for certain will manage to put things in order in affairs and thoughts. In a word, in a prize there are people who do not go woolgathering and can sensibly estimate a situation.
day approaches for the business connected with sphere household and utilities and with the foodstuffs. Quite good time for collectors who collect art subjects.
Basically, day today normal, however exists probability that you will deceive. It is not excluded that in your thoughts there will be a chaos and you cannot foresee a consequence of the actions.
Besides, today some people are inclined to make risky acts and to realise too original ideas. Not to hasten to realise them, differently results will be pitiable.
be careful at conducting financial operations. Try not to lend to anybody of money - most likely in the put term to you them will not return. If you want to take the credit in bank, keep in mind that from you will demand additional guarantees.
as always after a new moon, give to more time to undertakings. Prepare to new gradually, properly all consider and consult to assistants (discuss with them legal aspects of projects).
This Friday simply is ideally suited for purchasing. Planets advise to get something for an economy. Does not prevent to buy also the ground area (better in the country).
Today - day of the raised traumatism. Be attentive at the wheel and do not give in on provocation of reckless drivers - it is desirable to go slowly and easy.
today in general will be rather favorable for the Cancer which has born under signs, the Scorpion and Fishes.