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the Moscow municipal duma has accepted the special reference to the president of the Russian Federation, having urged it to suspend introduction of the raised customs duties for foodstuffs import (they should come into force since July, 1st). In circulation the deputies, directed addressed to the president, it is noticed that introduction of the tax to the added cost on the imported foodstuffs along with increase of import tariffs will lead to a sharp rise in prices for the basic foodstuff. By calculations of the Moscow government, the price for products will grow in 1,7 - 2 times. It will result to decrease in consumption of the basic foodstuff below a physiological threshold and to falling of a standard of living of the population of a city, deputies underline.
according to deputies, Russia not in a condition to the full to provide inhabitants of capital with the competitive domestic foodstuffs, therefore import makes a considerable part of all foodstuffs consumed by a city. Authors of the reference also have disagreed with statements of some officials in the government of the Russian Federation about ostensibly difficulties available in capital with sale of a domestic production from the government of Moscow .
the Government of Russia has accepted the decision about rendering of single material aid and an establishment of compensatory payments to the persons who have become by victims of an act of terrorism in Budyonnovsk. The help at a rate of 200 rates of the minimum salary, and to the persons who have sustained injuries, - from 15 to 100 rates (depending on mutilation degree) will be paid families of victims. 50 million roubles of compensatory payment will receive persons, as a result terrakta the material damage has been caused property and which habitation. It decided to refund also expenses on burial of victims on actual expenses. It is offered to social protection and public health care bodies to provide rehabilitation and summer holiday of children injured with tragical events.