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The share market of the Russian emitters

Some decrease in quotations marked by the end of last working day last week, according to experts of the company Olma was only a consequence of approaching days off. Under their certificate, on Monday growth of quotations was restored.
All turn of day session of the auctions by demand papers at the Central Russian universal stock exchange has had on Monday on papers MMM. According to representatives TSRUB, at a stock exchange the various hearings, concerning possible opening of points MMM go on June, 20th. As a result the number of transactions with papers MMM has a little increased in comparison with the last trading day: with tickets MMM has passed about 20 transactions on 20 - 35 copecks, the quantity of operations with actions too has increased, their price fluctuated within 800 - 2110 roubles. Transaction floor price has been fixed on the actions entering in thousand the certificate.
the Ekaterinburg brokers have held yesterday active enough trading session. Three transactions have taken place with actions of Pervouralsk new trumpet factory (face value - 125 rbl.) in which result it was possible to realise 525 papers on 7075, 7100 and 7400 roubles. Under one transaction has passed with papers UralTEKSa (1000 rbl.) and Gold - Platinum - bank 1 - go release (50 000 rbl.) which have been sold on 30 000 and 59 500 roubles accordingly. And here for last week, according to report EFB, there has passed only one transaction with actions in which result papers of Uralpromstrojbanka have been realised.