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The market of promissory notes

the Average profitableness of the state short-term bonds remained yesterday practically at former level - 80 % annual. The central bank did not spend dorazmeshcheny and consequently the turn of the auctions was established at low level - 532 mlrd roubles. Most actively banks traded 33 - j in a series of three-monthly bonds (volume of transactions - 113 mlrd roubles) which repayment will take place on Wednesday, and also last emitted papers - 39 - j a series three-monthly (91 mlrd rbl.) And 13 - j a series of six-monthly bonds (42 mlrd). Profitableness of bonds of a federal loan has decreased yesterday to 79,23 % annual that quite corresponds to profitableness of state credit obligations with similar terms of repayment. The turn under federal loan bond equaled 38 mlrd rbl. Considering that the central bank did not spend dorazmeshcheny these bonds, from federal loan bond it is possible to consider such volume of operations quite corresponding to a current situation.
quotations of currency bonds of the Ministry of Finance on - former behave unstably. Participants of the market assert that turns of the auctions will increase only when the season of holidays - that is by the end of August will end.
profitableness of exchequer obligations on - former decreases. It will be faster fast this process to proceed, especially on long TO, which profitableness above than at state credit obligations and short series of exchequer obligations.
in the market of interbank credits decrease in activity of banks on attraction of short-term actives yesterday was observed. So, the rate under one-day credits for platform MFD has fallen to 7 % of the annual. Cost of week and fortnight resources also decreases. From this tendency only 30-days credits which have a little increased were beat out.
on Friday in Samara auction on sale of securities of regional administration has taken place. Volume of issue of bills - 9969 million roubles. Thus the emitter - regional administration - has practically reached for the first time a prospective break-even sales level - 10 mlrd roubles. Organizers of auction have established nominal profitableness of bills at a rate of 35 % annual (without the preferential taxation) that, according to representatives of the emitter, has affected a course of realisation of securities.