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the President Transneft supports the Russian variant of transportation of oil from the Caspian shelf of Azerbaijan
Use of the Russian variant on transportation of early Azerbaijan oil from deposits of the Caspian shelf is the most expedient from the economic point of view - the president of the joint-stock company on oil transportation " considers; Transneft Valery Tchernyaev. As he said, the begun works on modernisation of terminals in Novorossisk to port become one more argument in favour of the Russian variant - upon termination of works throughput of port will reach 15 million t oil. After carrying out of special works on the oil pipeline being in working order Grozny - Baku (it Russia for transportation of early Azerbaijan oil suggests to use) can be pumped over in the opposite direction, from Baku to the Novorossisk terminal, to 17 million t. Technical problems with reversirovaniem the oil pipeline, Valery Tchernyaev is assured, will not arise, as in Russia there is an experience of carrying out of similar works. In the long term throughput of the oil pipeline can be increased to 40 million t by building of parallel threads.

the air show in Le Burzhe
Has come to the end on June, 18th has finished the work the international space salon in Le Burzhe. As well as experts predicted, the salon did not shine with novelties - behind an exception for the first time the shown serial sample shirokofjuzeljazhnogo passenger plane Boeing 777 (on the previous salons its models were exhibited only) and for the first time the Russian supersonic strategic bomber presented abroad with changeable geometry covered They be 160 (Black Jack on NATO classification). The aircraft industry of Russia and other CIS countries has been presented not by separate expositions, and the general section. About air show results will in detail tell in tomorrow`s number.

there has passed the international conference of appraisers
last week in Moscow the second international conference " has ended; Problems of an estimation of property in a transitional economy organised by the Russian society of appraisers. In conference work has taken part more than 250 persons - government officials and practising Russian and foreign appraisers. Questions of development of an estimation in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and America were discussed. Official representatives of the Russian ministries and departments in the performances have confirmed that along with the state estimation should exist and independent, used for the taxation, insurance, crediting on the security, legal proceedings, etc. During discussion about applicability of world techniques of an estimation in the Russian conditions participants of conference have come to a conclusion that these techniques can be used and the Russian appraisers, but for the countries with transitive economy they are necessary for adapting. Appraisers have developed a uniform position concerning state regulation of estimated activity in Russia and have formulated it in circulation to Federal meeting and the government.

Airbus has created military production...
Founders of consortium Airbus Industrie, the French company Aerospatial, German Daimler Benz Aerospace, British Aerospace, Spanish CASA and Italian Alenia, have signed the agreement on branch creation on manufacture of military planes - Airbus Military Aircraft Company. The decision on the organisation of new manufacture within the limits of a consortium which before was letting out only civil aircraft technician, was accepted after work termination over tehniko - economic justification of the project of the European average military - transport plane FLA (Future Large Aircraft), capable to transport 25 t cargo on distance of an order of 4000 km with cruiser speed of 790 km/ hour. Airbus Military Aircraft Company will be responsible for the further works on FLA which were conducted before by the European group Euroflag which now is subject to disbandment.

... And the financial company
It is declared also the beginning of activity of financial company Airbus Finance Company (AFC) - it was preceded by creation Airbus Industrie c participation of 49 western banks of revolved credit fund in $1,5 mlrd (de facto AFC exists since December, 1994). At initial stage AFC will work in parallel with management of financial operations Airbus Industrie, but then becomes the basic source of financing of clients of a consortium. Further AFC (which financial adviser the American group J acts. P. Morgan) it will be transformed to the independent financial company support of customers of civil planes Airbus Industrie becomes which basic care. By president AFC it is selected 39 - the summer Irish John Makklajd before working in firms R. J. Reynolds, Trafalgar House, leasing company Guinnes Pete Aviation Group and Pembrouke Capital Ltd. It has replaced on Tony Rajza`s this post, the main financial director British Aerospace fulfilling duties of head AFC. The staff - apartment AFC takes place in Dublin. Observers notice that organizational activity Airbus Industrie is not casual - the conglomerate of the European aviabuilding companies which activity was based only on arrangements of participants, is transformed one of these days to closed joint-stock company (see from June, 17th).

the Destiny of the Latvian national airline remains uncertain
told about a collision connected with possible purchase of national airline of Latvia of joint-stock company Latavio by a number of the foreign companies (including about intention of Scandinavian airline SAS to receive its flights). The Latvian state agency on privatisation (PAWS) has passed the decision that any of interested persons to participate in privatisation of joint-stock company Latavio of foreign firms does not meet requirements of rules of privatisation. The board of PAWS has decided to develop new basic conditions of privatisation, and for today 4 demands are received. Three applicants of PAWS does not name. The fourth - Turkish firm INCOS - is exposed to sharp attacks in a number of the Latvian newspapers. Under the statement of the representative of PAWS g - on Linkajtsa, firm documents are sent in Turkish language.
in the answer as vice-president Latavio Andris Burtnieks has informed the correspondent, the privatisation agency has sent to Turkish firm materials on privatisation in the Latvian language. According to Burtnieksa, in PAWS think not of how it is better to privatise Latavio and to provide continuation of its activity, and as though to transfer it in hands of those who wants to buy property and the rights of this firm on cheap stuff - last examination of PAWS has reduced the price of property Latavio almost twice. Most likely, process of a choice of candidates on participation in privatisation Latavio is again tightened without day.

it is created National agency of development of town-planning and the real estate market
In Moscow the new noncommercial public organisation - " is founded; National agency of development of town-planning and the real estate market . As founders of agency the Russian guild of realtors, the Russian society of appraisers, the Union of cities of Russia, the Union of architects of Russia, the Russian union of engineers of building and Fund " have acted; the Civil society . The purpose of creation of this organisation is adjustment of close interaction of various subjects of the market of real estate, coordination of their activity, and also lobbying in power structures of the acts developed in common, the concerning market of real estate. Experts of agency intend to make examination of bills and podzakonnyh certificates, and also to develop alternative bills and additions to the current legislation. The agency priority - to achieve cancellation of the VAT for the civil work, considerably increased the cost price of building of habitation.

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