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The strange bill of the Moscow Duma

the Moscow financial companies which are suspected of swindle

joint-stock company - Ajvert Ajd the Trust Alena Ald - trust Allegro plus Altair Arianda Russian - the American financial company art - Finans ARS Aldzher Avalon Bart Blek Design Victoria Viard - Invest the Pendant the Gourmet Having given - the company Dionis Diamantstrojinvest the Uniform financial company the European insurance company the Gold standard the Impulse of Invest Konvers - Invest Brokerage fee Quarts - the Car the Capital Kejlon the Quartet Ladoga the Doctor Lescaut MTK Laboratory of new technologies the Meridian Multimonetary fund Mega - Impeks Scientifically - the technical investment company Independent oil concern Industrially - the financial investment company polimashstroj Raverus Rezervno - the buffer company Russian investment concern Rustsentroservis Russian gold ros - T Sirius a Slavutich Spark Strojservis Sterh - LTD. the Tandem/ Tibet tehinvest - M The transcapital transinveststroj Trastfin T. With. To. B. - Service Td - Juvelirgas fin - the Fort - Trading Eldorado - Scale Elleven - Ritas an ellipse JUvelirchas JUrkon Jupiter - the Alpha .
Open Company - astron agropromservis avtolend - M Ampere-second. T Hydrothat It is given Committee the PRIZE Hope the Seine the Fort Elekt .
FICK - L. E. N. And. N national investitsionno - the building company Reiter MTV Sviridov Sevgaport Trading - the financial company .
IF - ALD VIT Oil - Diamond - Invest Privat - Invest . ICHP - Intrast Strojkomplekt - M tehnoinform . MT - Atris . Offshore firm Kalvet groups . SK - the president - the Guarantor .