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The State Duma about system Elections

it is important not as will vote, and who and as will count up

In the State Duma are rather disturbed by Central Electoral Commission intention actively to use at elections 1995 - 96 years the state automated system Elections . And not from - for disbelief in power of computer technics, and from - for fear of falsifications which as sceptics believe, it is much easier to carry out just by means of computers. Are afraid that Nikolay Ryabov`s department thinks not so much of simplification of the hard work on drawing up of lists of voters and counting of votes, how many about creation of conditions for management of elections and possibilities updatings their results.

One of these days Duma members have in detail discussed this problem at the parliamentary hearings prepared by committee on the information policy and communication. At hearings it was noticed that many questions connected with prospective use GAS Elections demand legal settlement. To deputies legal status of system today is not clear: who will be considered as its proprietor, who the user how mutual relations between them will be under construction and as this expensive system will be used during the period between elections. Serious concern causes in the Duma and a problem of maintenance of reliable protection GAS from unapproved access and possibility of modification of the put data. The basic lecturer at hearings, the chairman of subcommittee on communication and computer science of July Nisnevich, has paid attention to actual absence of legal protection, and also that in one document responsibility for possible infringements at its use is not provided. According to Nisnevicha, in system fixing of any errors and the brought distortions should be provided and concrete responsibility of its owners and users for similar manipulations is legislatively established.
in GAS Elections it is supposed to put the personal data of all citizens of the Russian Federation. The accurate list of this data which is under the current legislation confidential, is offered for fixing also in the law. Acting at hearings have expressed concern in connection with considerable expenses which system introduction will demand. The sums of hundred millions dollars were called. To put under control an expenditure of these means, it was offered to allocate them in separate article of the budget. And that the system was effective and could as - to pay back that expenses, it was offered to define an order of its use during the period between elections. Representatives of the Central Electoral Commission, the main customer GAS Elections Have expressed categorically against possible encroachments on it from the various ministries and departments. They count that the system will mainly serve election campaigns and population censuses. In the Central Electoral Commission do not exclude, however, use of system by social protection and public health services bodies. That to rich possibilities of database GAS Elections will get access and law enforcement bodies, it was modestly held back, but doubts in this respect at anybody, seemingly, did not arise.
at hearings there were home producers of computer facilities who with the big indignation said that the contract on computer equipment GAS Elections has got not to them, and the American firm Compaq which besides intends to give for this purpose the computers collected in China. Obviously annoyed with the order which has departured from hands the representative of Zelenograd factory Quantum Grigory Sizonenko has accused customers of servility before the West and desire to struggle with unemployment in China. Zelenogradets has tried to frighten customers installation possibility interested services in the West additional devices in delivered computers and has urged to stop contract performance, having transferred the order to home producers.
parliamentary hearings on the problems connected with prospective use GAS Elections anticipate consideration in the Duma of the corresponding law. He establishes legal status of system, declaring its all-Russian national property. System application at carrying out of election campaigns, according to this document, it is carried out only after acceptance of the federal law establishing its legal regime and rules of use.