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Vaganov - at has opened in St.-Petersburg

the Third international competition and festival of choreographic schools Vaganov - At has begun today in St.-Petersburg. As its organizer the oldest has acted in the country Academy of Russian ballet of a name of Agrippiny Vaganovoj. Participants of competition of a steel together with Russians of the young man and the girl from Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mongolia, the USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, South Korea and Japan. so wide imposing appearance - the certificate of that in modern ballet does not exist borders and we live in uniform cultural space. And competition gives the chance to reveal a condition of ballet formation, to verify pedagogical techniques - has told to correspondent ITAR - TASS the art director of academy professor Igor Belsky. As he said, artistic individuality konkursantov at unconditional cleanliness of classical dance becomes the main criterion in an estimation of winners. As some choreographic schools of the countries of the former Union nowadays are in extremely difficult financial position and are compelled to work under the reduced programs, they are invited to act in a festival part of this review. All cost of transportation of participants was incurred by the Petersburg academy to which was helped by sponsors. The international jury was headed by the remarkable Russian ballerina and the teacher Irina Kolpakova studying in a class by Vaganovoj. Names of winners become known in a week.

Russian women in art and in London
In London the festival " has taken place; Russian women in art . In its frameworks there has passed Olga Florensky`s exhibition. Except textile collages, it has exposed a set of artefacts on an aviation theme - airplanes from hangers, hooks, fragments and other strange stuff which, according to Florensky, defines person Russian design. oblomochnyj, and can be, even oblomovsky Olga Florensky`s design was added with other participants of an exhibition. The belief of Miturich - Hlebnikova has presented collages from the newspapers, preliminary cut in paper noodles. Katya Mihajlovsky has exposed own sketches of suits, water colours and dolls. Alena Romanovoj`s works and a film of the film critic of Marina Drozdovoj have been shown also. Galina Elshevsky made comments on festival the critic. Local feminists though as it has appeared, feministic art on it was not in general have organised festival. Artists and writers among whom were Lyudmila Petrushevsky and Lyudmila Ulitsky, have, as it is known, a little the general with group of fighters for the female rights. Even most dynamical of participants of festival skripachka - the virtuoso and the head of musical academy of ancient music Tatyana Gridenko if when - that also could be considered as the feminist, very much for a long time.

Novgorod celebrates anniversary Alexander Nevsky
Novgorodtsy have accepted from pskovichej relay race in celebrating 775 - letija from the date of a birth of prince Alexander Nevsky. In the centre of the Kremlin at a monument of a millenium of Russia near to the Sofia cathedral from which walls of a team of the prince left to fight with the enemy, performed by the State academic chapel of St.-Petersburg Sergey Prokofiev`s cantata " has sounded; Alexander Nevsky . In the autumn within the limits of the celebratory program the Wreath of glory of Alexander Nevsky (united celebrations in Pskov, Novgorod, St.-Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Vladimir) in an ancient Russian city it is planned to spend the scientific conference devoted 775 - letiju the commander.

the International children`s festival of a name of Rakhmaninov
In Novgorod has opened II international children`s festival of a name of Sergey Rakhmaninov. Its body - competition of young pianists. 37 young musicians will take part in it from 16 Russian cities and two of Yugoslavia. An obligatory part of the program - Rakhmaninov`s product or any other Russian composer - its contemporary. Winners will be noted by medals and awards at the rate from $500 to $1000. It is founded and some special awards. Except competition, in the festival program - children`s concerts, performances of the winner of the international competitions of pianist Andrey Pisarev, the Russian national symphonic orchestra under control of Michael Pletnev (it has founded a special prize For the best interpretation of products of Sergey Rakhmaninov ) . For a holiday there will arrive visitors from Canada, the USA and Yugoslavia. To festival telegrammes from Rakhmaninov Natali Vanamejker`s great-granddaughter from Florida, John Laktsera representing International rahmaninovskoe the society, and also Sergey Lushina, the vice-president of Fund of the international competition of a name Tchaikovsky have already arrived.

about House of Romanovs and about destinies of Russia
In Sankt - the Petersburg state university the All-Russia scientific conference " has opened; House of Romanovs in destiny of Russia . In the special reports prepared for conference by representatives of the leading humanitarian research centres of Moscow, Petersburg, Krasnodar, Samara and Tomsk, three centuries of reign of representatives of House of Romanovs - from the Zemsky cathedral of the 1613 which has confirmed on reign of Michael Romanov, to a role of Petrosoveta and Provisional government in destiny of last Russian emperor are analyzed.

Always be in the fashion, and sooner or later your award
awards Praemium Imperiale for outstanding achievements in painting, architecture, music and theatre, cinema and a sculpture Are handed over. This award founded by Japanese association of arts, - 15 million yens ($176 thousand) - It is handed over annually since 1989. Into structure of honourable committee enter the former British prime minister - minister Edward Hit, the former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt and the new president of France Jacque Chirac. Certainly, awards of such level receive exclusively world celebrities, and that is called, for the contribution to art that is not always for concrete achievements. It does not mean, however, that awards of 1994 have not found the worthy. The award for architecture was received by Rentso of the Piano, one of authors of the Center Pompidou in Paris. The prize in the field of theatre and cinema the unique gives out a Japanese origin of the award as Nakamura Utaemonu VI is handed over, to the well-known actor of theatre Kabuki. The musical award has got to the British composer Andrew Lloyd Veberu. The prize for painting was received by the artist working in rather fashionable now of area of computer graphics. It would not cause sensation if to the winner - to the French painter Matta - 83 years were not executed. And it has begun the life in art more sixty years ago - as the ardent adherent rather fashionable then surrealism. The prize for a sculpture was received by the American artist of the Bulgarian origin Cristo (Hristo Javashev) who has just started to realise the well-known project of packing of Rejhstaga (see from June, 17th). It has divided the award with the wife, the Frenchwoman Jean - Claude Cristo to which management talent it is obliged by triumphal success of the most mad ideas. At delivery ceremony in London spouses were not. they in Berlin, pack Rejhstag - Edward Hit has explained.

Michael Shemjakin and charity
Welfare fund Participation declared the joint project with the Shemjakinsky centre created by artist Michael Shemjakinym. Participation and SHemjakin Design have agreed about the help literary - to creative association of invalids Druza Existing in Moscow about 10 years.

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