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The law on the authorised banks of St.-Petersburg

In Petersburg has begun repartition of the financial market

the Deputy case of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg successfully masters lobbying receptions. Bright to volume acknowledgement - acceptance last week for a law basis About the authorised banks . Group normotvortsev, rukovodimaja the deputy and the president of the building company Corporation the Twentieth trust Sergey Nikeshinym, despite all barriers, has dragged the bill through city parliament. The document has not been co-ordinated with administration and consequently it was criticised sharply by financial committee of the mayoralty. The reason - the bill reduces to three number of the banks potentially applying for the status of representatives while now budgetary funds are placed approximately in 20 commercial banks. Independence of authors of the project in local political circles explain not only the qualified pressure of bankers, but also that head of lobbyists Sergey Nikeshin on forthcoming elections of the mayor of Petersburg is considered as hardly probable not Anatoly Sobchaka`s main contender.

Outsiders lobby leaders
Among associates of Nikeshina especially it is necessary to note heads of several largest industrial enterprises VPK, including the holding company the Arsenal specialising in elektronno - space branch, and recently formed Petersburg Union of the building companies. The majority of the organisations lobbying the bill - as building, and military - industrial - the best times, and their financial indicators have now not, under the informal information, far are not brilliant. Perhaps, therefore often enough there was a question on the original reasons of persevering aspiration of lobbyists to concentrate budget money in one hands. Probably, it was preceded by the transaction according to which in exchange for the status of representatives banks - applicants guaranteed preferential demand lines of credit, and also payments in selective funds.
such technical detail is curious. The quorum has been collected literally for half an hour - by means of radio telephone communication. Then Nikeshin and To. In rather emotional form have convinced members of parliament of a severe need to raise municipal money for accounts most reliable of reliable banks. However, strangely enough, after adoption of law for a basis the lobbying group has declared that with its definitive statement it is not necessary to hurry up nevertheless, and has suggested to submit amendments within three weeks though usually on similar procedure week is taken away.
it is visible, not in the last instance such turn is connected by what to collect deputy votes in support of the bill of banks to its developers it was possible only thanks to the private agreement between a number of deputy groups. Its sense that voices for have been received in exchange for the consent to reject the veto of the mayor on the budget. However the question on the budget that day definitively and has not been solved, though the bill of banks has been approved. To predict an alignment of forces at session on which amendments to the law will be considered, now nobody undertakes. It is quite probable that they will develop not in favour of group of lobbyists, especially if by then the budget is not still accepted. In this case three weeks can be used for recruitment among deputies of such number of supporters of the bill which would give firm guarantees of success at voting.

the New triumvirate
to Criteria of the bill there correspond such banks as Promstrojbank (SPb), St.-Petersburg and also bank much less known outside the city Baltic . All of them and successfully work for a long time in the financial market of a city, their own capital makes not less than 50 billion roubles, and profitability of the capital - not less than 50 %.
These requirements, truth, have caused squall of criticism from the different parties. For example, the chairman of coordination group under the budget of Legislative Assembly Igor Artemyev in conversation with the correspondent has declared that in the federal legislation in general there is no concept profitability of the capital and thanks to this criterion the bank gets to number of representatives ` Baltic ` which has not enough clients and, accordingly, low expenses . In the conclusion on the bill of Central administrative board of the Central Bank across St.-Petersburg it is told that for the bank applying for the status of the representative, the kind reputation and the capital in 6 mlrd will suffice roubles (exactly so much, by the way, it is necessary for again opening bank). Thus, according to estimation GU the Central Banks across St.-Petersburg, the authorised holders of budgetary funds can be today not three, and at once 9 banks - all of them, according to experts of the Central Bank, are reliable enough.
there are also arguments against existence of institute of the authorised banks. Last Saturday at session of coordination council of enterprise association the Round table of business of Russia the chairman of board of directors of joint-stock company Bioprocess Kaha Bendukidze, concerning the authorised banks, has publicly declared: More refined and graceful way of larceny it is not thought up yet. Bank as sturgeon: either the first freshness, or any . It is necessary to note, as the Moscow government which has become by the trailblazer in the field of formation of system of authorised banks, after a train of loud and not so loud conflicts has come to a conclusion about expediency of creation of Municipal bank. It is However, definitive institute of the authorised banks in Moscow yet it is excellent. Whether

there is a game svech?
It is not necessary to describe in detail the reasons on which commercial banks would wish to become representatives - in detail enough shined this theme. The nuances introduced in the status of authorised bank by the Petersburg legislators are curious. The bill allows the selected banks to use official symbolics of Petersburg and the status of the authorised bank in the advertising purposes. Besides, the constant commission on financial questions can assist the authorised bank in decrease in percent of deductions in Fund of obligatory reserves of commercial banks and credit institutions in the Central Bank.
For last privilege really it is necessary to be overcome. Under the information, has rather negatively characterised the law assumed as a basis the chairman of Association of commercial banks of St.-Petersburg Sergey Popov who already has had time to consult on this question in the Central Bank of Russia. He has stated the opinion in Legislative Assembly, however developers have not taken into consideration its position. By sight Popova, criteria of definition of the authorised banks do not maintain any criticism as they and at all deprive at once banks an average hand possibilities to become representatives. As a last resort, according to Popova not to heat a situation to a limit, it would be possible to place by an example of Moscow budgetary funds in specially created municipal bank. Such offer, by the way, has sounded and from lips of deputies at bill discussion.
it is not excluded that it will sound again in two weeks - as the amendment to the law. By the way, amendments can transform the bill beyond recognition as the probability of that the average banks having in Legislative Assembly " is great; the deputies, will put for this purpose a maximum of efforts. So, from conversations of correspondents with deputies it was found out that the set of various amendments is prepared already.
the conclusion of legal management of Legislative Assembly is curious, however. Management has found out in the bill not only editorial defects, but also article breaking the Russian legislation. According to this article, the administration should translate all budgetary accounts from unauthorized banks in the authorised...
still will return to this theme.