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the State Duma has demanded government recutting

Fraction the Apple has extended the statement that the Duma has no possibility to realise procedure of impeachment which the president " for a long time has deserved; but in its forces to fail to trust the government which has become now by party in power and by that incurred all completeness of responsibility for events, occurring in the country . The Same decision was accepted by fraction of LDPR which has declared readiness to support office structure if it will be offered in it by posts of three ministers or seven deputy ministers. Association Common cause has opposed government resignations, as it can be used for discharge of prime minister Victor Tchernomyrdin . Last, according to the chairman of association of Irina Khakamada, It has appeared the unique person in the government, capable of resolute actions for the sake of rescue of people . At the same time Common cause considers necessary Grachev, Stepashin`s immediate resignation and Erina. The fraction of communists is full determination to support resignation of some key figures of the government, and at the same time and to understand with a question on constitutionality of Security council as the body operating on the basis of only one decree of the president.

Gaydar`s Union and Fedorova is interfered by violence
the Chairman of the party the Democratic choice of Russia Egor Gaydar has declared that the main obstacle for the union conclusion between DVR and movement Forward, Russia! under the direction of Boris Fedorova the divergence of use of force for the decision of national conflicts is. It has reminded that a position of Fedorova - a whole-hearted support of force for the conflict decision in the Chechen Republic - it is not reconsidered. I do not know, how we can create thus the union - Gaydar has underlined.

the goods today - gas tomorrow
deliveries of Turkmen gas to Ukraine, suspended in the beginning of June from - for non-payments and absence of commodity deliveries for barter gas Are renewed. From the beginning of year on June, 16th Turkmenistan was obliged to put 5,37 mlrd cubic m of gas, but has put while 4,552 mlrd cubic m.

In China Russian will construct the greatest in the world a dam
China is ready to get Russia to take part in the world`s largest hydraulic engineering project - a construction on the hydroknot river Jantszy sansja . It will be the greatest on a planet a dam in length of 1983 metres and height of 185 metres. Thus expenses for its building make $25 billion According to the Russian experts, building sansja will occupy 17 years.

Charges only brake negotiations
Kuwait has accused Bagdad of refusal of cooperation with the International committee of the Red Cross on a problem of the Kuwaiti prisoners of war and missing persons during crisis in Persian gulf. The representative of the authorities emirata has declared that Iraq has not admitted on the territory of members of the international technical commission into which representatives of Kuwait, the USA, France, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia enter. However more recently Iraq accused Kuwait of creation of obstacles in a way of normalisation of relations.

Australia strengthens pressure upon France
Criticism of the decision of Paris about renewal of nuclear tests by autumn of this year Canberra has started to support with actions. One of these days under the initiative of premieres - minister Pola Kitinga the Australian parliament intends to accept the sharp Antifrench resolution. For now Australia and New Zealand have frozen military communications with France. Australia has refused to fill also with fuel the French ships participating in preparation of tests.

Pyongyang reminds of the military power
According to management of national defence of Japan, Democratic People`s Republic of Korea will conduct within the next few days rocket tests. Presumably, it is a question about protivokorabelnoj to the rocket of the Chinese manufacture Silkuorm range of action to 100 kilometres. Last known starts of rockets of this type are carried out in May - June, 1993 and in March of this year. In the light of last agreements between Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and the USA in Tokyo do not exclude that before real start-up business, can, and will not reach - all will be limited to imitation.

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