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German football players are engaged in commerce without a separation from sports

According to German newspaper Die Welt, club Bavaria which president is well-known the Kaiser of football Frants Bekkenbauer, in this season for the first time in history Bundesligas has addressed to services of the consulting company. The leader German and the world market of consultations McKinsey became it.

that was not possible this year to football players Munich Bavaria their manager Uli Heness who by right is considered the first class German master has made. It, however, not has become famous for football talents, and the ability to push pendants, scarfs and caps.
in this season the club has received nearby DM15 million from stuff sale to the fans that almost in 3 times more than at applying for a champion rank Borussia from Dortmund. Such surprising result has been reached thanks to cooperation with consulting firm McKinsey.
Experts from Dusseldorf branch of this world company have been urged to reorient enough traditionally organised in the business and financial relation club for the future market expansion.
already now Bavaria concerns the most professionally operated clubs in the German professional football. Manager Uli Heness goes in advance other clubs and in advertising on television, and in distribution of production for fans of club. Though last years club Bavaria not always could apply for a rank of the best club of league, its cash desk was always full.
the magic word explaining such commercial success Bavaria - expansion i.e. search of any possibility to use in commercial objectives any sports event. Very useful there is also a sight from the party which is provided with consulting firm. However results of these reviews will be kept a secret. What for such researches almost permanent throughout all championship are necessary to the leader Borussia (only more recently it on a point has bypassed the Werder ), to be exact to the manager of club Mihaelju Mayer who and has declared that in all it does not see sense. However in respect of marketing Borussia it is necessary for much to study at Bavaria . (Though by commerce the manager Borussia there is for a long time already, after all it by a trade the businessman, and it has been occupied by business before arrival to football, in difference from eks - football player Henessa who in the past only kicked a ball.) Friend Bekkenbauera, chief McKinsey Herbert Gentsler has decided to carry out the consulting action as the good will certificate: consulting, thus, is carried out on those bases on which the profitless enterprises consult, i.e. is free. On such conditions the Cologne philharmonic society and Fund of the wild nature already consulted.