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Festival the White nights

Hedlajnery and konkursanty on coast of Neva

In past uik - end in St.-Petersburg has come to the end three-day international festival Stars of the White nights on which such stars, as Joe Koker, as Tanita Tikaram and Terens Trent D ` Arbi acted. For the first time organizers of festival have decided to do without traditional gala - a concert on the open area and to transfer final show in BKZ October .

Contrary to promises of the organizers, not all actors have taken part in so-called the Big gathering of musical stars on the Neva coast. However arrival on Joe Kokera`s festival, Tanity Tikaram, Sheril Crowe, Steve Vaja and Terensa of Trent D ` Arbi has a little calmed the journalists complaining about absence long-awaited Sparks, Was Not Was and Captain Hollywood Project. Into their account organizers did not begin to give special explanations, having noticed only that the contract with advertised in all festival posters and programs Crystal Waters has been terminated from - for not planned performances of last in the Moscow club the Utopia (such infringement of festival rules on the White nights it was obviously marked for the first time).
Sheril Crowe, received last year at once three awards the Grammy this time it has appeared obviously not in blow. Inertly and unintelligibly having won back 35 minutes, it and its group have left from a scene, having left the admirers in easy bewilderment. Though for the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that it Run Baby Run and All I Wanna Do have been met with approval, and the class of musicians was felt even behind their sleepy game. Joe Kokera`s program almost completely repeated its recent concerts in the Kremlin. It was opened by a song Summer in the City Which in 70 - e was executed years by Bi Bi King. Were also Reja Charles`s hit Unchain my Heart and the well-known composition Beatles With a Little Help from my Friends which the Cocker has executed for the first time on Woodstock. Performance of this popular singer at festival the White nights has passed with big and, perhaps, even with excessive success, including thanks to quality of a sound (the sound technician the White nights - Nail Korotkin).
Tanita Tikaram has won public the grace and charm. Known to the majority on records and videoclips, tiny Tanita seemed marvellously the concert executor. Its quiet and deprived aggressions of a melody differed nevertheless a certain especial drive. It has presented to public a part of a material from a latest album Lovers in the City and also Tvist in my Sobriety and Good Traditions brought to it a world fame. Terens Trent D ` Arbi familiar to public in basic on the sweet songs like Sign your Name and Delicate has surprised listeners with rigid guitar music from a latest album Vibrator .
the Third, final day of festival has been noted by performances konkursantov, Steve Vaja, Arthur Brown and group Culture Beat. Steve Vaj has proved to be the worthy instructor and teacher Frenka Zappy: it has arranged the present show including game in a golf and football. In the same evening on a scene October there was a sensational event: 52 - the summer Arthur Brown, first not so not gathering to act, has given in on numerous arrangements and still left to meet public. Having appeared on a scene directly with a small bottle of mineral water, Brown has accurately put it on a floor, took in hands a microphone both surprisingly young and a clear voice with a mad drive has sung Motherless Child without any accompaniment. That has resulted spectators in full delight: they did not release Brown from a scene while that definitively touched, has not given an encore together with a hall of a line from a known song I love life .
Jury of festival of the competition passing in frameworks, consisting of representatives of TV channel MTV, firm Comspan Inc. And radio stations Europe plus guest of honour Arthur Brown this time headed. Gran - at festival has got to group Flowers. Other prizes the Russian singer Natalia Lapina (a prize of sympathies of the mayor of St.-Petersburg Anatoly Sobchaka) and the Bulgarian performer Evelina Balcheva (have received a prize of sponsors of festival for bright scenic individuality and an original image). The best journalist of festival had been recognised Anatoly Zverev from St.-Petersburg.