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Agrarian policy formation

Restraint instead of a pacification

the political person of the Russian landowners was caused Till now by a traditional line of action of Country party of Russia as lobbist corporation ground barons . Any political ambitions remembered only when there came time to repay the credits given by the budget to agriculture or when chronically stagnirujushchaja the rural economy once again started to feel requirement for state financing. Till now political activization of landowners was almost instantly extinguished from the federal budget. However this year rigid control declared by the government over volume of monetary weight, seemingly, opens a new stage in mutual relations of the government and landowners. The policy of appeasement gives way to a policy of active restraint.

it is necessary to understand toughening of financial control over a target expenditure of budgetary funds As active restraint in agriculture. The similar step, which application it is characteristic in the relation first of all political opponents, it is caused by sharply increased political activity of the Country party which leaders have taken of a strongly pronounced antigovernmental position during last crisis in mutual relations of the government and parliament.
until recently the similar behaviour was uncharacteristic for representatives of agrarian and industrial complex traditionally inclined to conformism. Political tactics of landowners remained almost invariable since the Supreme body. Representatives of agrarian sector criticised the government and the president that was effectively enough extinguished by the government: According to cycles of agricultural year the agrarian sector was regularly financed, and privatisation of the earths of agricultural purpose stably was not beyond room projects of considerably adjusted experts of the State Property Committee. Further landowners did not go it, and in the government used the influence only at personal appointments to the posts connected with a management by agriculture. Besides the Minister of Agriculture and the foodstuffs traditionally existed also a post vitse - a premiere on agrarian questions which, despite all absurdity stably remained by all last reorganisation of an office.
however recently balance was broke. At session of fraction APR of the Duma on June, 20th in which course the fraction position on voting of mistrust to the government was discussed, vitse - prime minister Alexander Zaverjuha and Minister of Agriculture Alexander Nazarchuk vainly tried to convince colleagues to support an office. Landowners not only have ignored their ultimatum about resignation, having made decision to demand office change, but also have forbidden Zaverjuhe and Nazarchuku to leave from the government without the fraction sanction. Thus, truth, to members of the government have allowed not to vote in the Duma against itself.
specificity of Country party Is curious: almost all its representatives on official posts in authorities are impregnable until follow a management of skeleton of the party consisting of heads of large agricultural complexes. The same officials very easily lose the armchairs and authority as soon as lose support of not numerous elite APR.
In this connection attracts attention promotion on supervising positions in party of politicians a new wave which influence was accurately showed last weeks which have had on governmentally - parliamentary crisis. In parliamentary circles a rising star APR name 47 - summer Nikolay Haritonova (the vice-president of fraction APR in the Duma), a political management different by a rigid manner and unwillingness to go on compromises with the government in exchange for economic concessions. Apparently, we are witnesses of a new stage in mutual relations of the government and landowners for which confrontation instead of the habitual auction will be characteristic.
it is unconditional one of principal causes future parliamentary elections are. However the fact of that during their landowners intend to declare openly the claims for a political management of the country, is worthy steadfast attention. Not in the last instance and from - that in APR positions of more radical wing headed by Haritonovym, supporting creation of the uniform selective block with the Russian incorporated industrial party now are strong. Chances of creation such original the sickle and hammer union Are doubtful in view of closeness and the ambitions of the landowners which however have begun last week negotiations can become the first step for development of the co-ordinated position of landowners and industrialists in new structure of the Duma, first of all at government formation.
one of the basic uniting principles of this seeming a tandem the requirement of protectionism and state support concerning processing branches of the national industry can become unnatural. This moment, under the information, causes interest in the large Russian financial structures which part of actives is necessary on the Russian enterprises, including on agricultural products processing. Among them the bank " is allocated; Menatep connected with landowners (in particular, through cooperation with Federal food corporation), and group Microdynes interested in manufacture and realisation of some types of lorries. Revival prospects while immobilised industrial capital of these companies obviously depend and on a state of affairs in agrarian and industrial complex.
at the same time at these structures anyhow connected with present establishment, cause anxiety possible consequences of political activity of landowners.
as a sobering measure against excessive independence of leaders APR toughening of financial control over target use of budgetary appropriations in agrarian and industrial complex starts to be applied. kontrolno - auditing services of the president and the Ministry of Finance already prepare materials following the results of separate checks concerning those means, which agricultural manufacturers received through Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production and Agroprombank. It is thus declared opening of some infringements, as regarding delays of assignment of means between final loan recipients (to equivalently interest-free credit for banks - holders of accounts), and concerning no-purpose use of the means allocated in support of agrarian and industrial complex that speaks as purchase of cars and furniture instead of financing of purchases gorjuche - lubricants, and indemnification of payments on percent from those credits which have been given out the foreign enterprises.