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Situation round the Chechen Republic

Jerk to the world was replaced by running on the spot

Peace talks in Grozny, appeared under the threat of failure after murder on the night of Friday of the Chechen family, in a past week-end nevertheless have proceeded. However the dialogue which has begun so promising jerk to the world, was replaced by running on the spot. An essence of contradictions - a question on the status of the Chechen Republic. Moscow suggests to define it after parliamentary elections, Chechens insist on an aprioristic recognition of independence. And even the outlined consent of the parties on a problem of formation of the coalition government hardly will allow to remove this main contradiction.

Contrary to the statement of the head of Chechen delegation Usmana Imaeva for stay of negotiations in connection with the mourning declared by Chechens, on Saturday of delegation have again met in a building of mission of OSCE, surrounded with a threefold ring of protection. However the raised security measures hardly could promote productive work: discussion of political problems invariably rested in main for Chechens and the most painful for Moscow a question - about the status of the Chechen Republic. For time last from the beginning of negotiations, positions of the parties on this problem practically have not changed. The delegation of supporters of Dudaev insists on a recognition of the present status of the Chechen Republic, that is on its actual independence. Representatives of the Russian authorities offer more streamline formulation about the future status republics which would allow to postpone the question final decision for some months.
despite so obvious deadlock, members of the Russian delegation, answering in breaks of sessions questions of journalists, still state shy hope of overcoming of disagreements. However while all achievements of participants of negotiations, according to the same Russian representatives, are limited to an exchange of opinions and search of things in common. A little bolshego progress managed to achieve at discussion of measures on preparation of elections and formation of the coalition government. However, here again there are reefs: in particular, till now the question on quantity of the places allocated in this government to supporters of Dudaev (under the different data, this quota makes from 10 to 30 % that hardly will arrange dudaevtsev) is not solved.
But even signing of the agreement on distribution of places in the coalition government does not guarantee its performance. The mayor of Grozny Beslan Gantemirov already warning that occurrence dudaevtsev in the Chechen government can displease and Chechens, has again declared on Sunday disagreement with decisions accepted at negotiations, and also on readiness to render if something happens armed resistance . Do not give up thought on the armed struggle and Dudaev`s supporters about what on memorial service on Friday aggressive statements of Usmana Imaeva testify to a genocide of Chechens and terrorism of Moscow. It is clear that at such moods Chechen peacemakers any results of investigation of Friday murder - except acknowledgement the Russian trace - can be interpreted dudaevtsami as insidiousness of Moscow and a sufficient occasion to the termination of peace dialogue.