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Nju - jorkskaja the stock exchange buys London

the American bent for to exchange associations there are transatlantic

past Sunday representatives of the London commodity exchange (London Commodity Exchange - LCE) have confirmed - truth, in an informal order - reception of the formal offer on purchase of the stock exchange, made it nju - jorkskoj the competitor - the Stock exchange of coffee, sugar and cocoa (Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange - CSCE). At all sensational nature of event it quite corresponds to the tendency which have taken roots in the exchange world to creation of alliances (one of its examples - absorption last year to the largest nju - jorkskoj commodity exchange NYMEX of the basic competitor - nju - jorkskoj COMEX).

the First messages on the future transaction of a century have appeared in Saturday number of London The Financial Times. Quoting the certain not named source, the newspaper has informed that nju - jorkskaja the stock exchange has expressed desire to buy up all 8 million actions LCE being in circulation. The Sum of transaction is estimated in 1,6 million pounds sterling ($2,55 million), however real figures much above.
on Sunday agency Reuter has extended the text of conversation of the correspondent with chairman LCE Michael Jenkins as which it is possible to consider as semiofficial acknowledgement of the message of the newspaper. I cannot deny messages that the similar offer to us has been made - has declared g - n Jenkins. However, while it is the unique comment which has followed from representatives LCE. In conversation with the correspondent the representative a press - services LCE has underlined that while the stock exchange did not do any formal statements. By the time of delivery of their this material and has not followed.
while behind extreme scarcity of the real facts experts were engaged in discussion of the reasons of the immodest offer nju - jorktsev. Plausible versions while two - banal and sensational. And, judging by the first impressions, the banal version explaining reasons CSCE only by desire definitively to be fixed on commodity - an exchange Olympus, - is not popular from - for the evidence. The scandalous version looks much more interesting. According to some brokers, offer CSCE is not that other as protection by an attack: recently itself nju - jorkskaja the stock exchange became object of claims of larger American commodity exchanges (first of all were called NYMEX and COMEX, aspiring to the maximum diversification of the activity and an exit on the market of the tropical goods).
the Reality of absorption LCE, unlike its reasons, does not cause any doubts in analysts. Many shareholders LCE which is nominally being exchange traders, have departed for a long time from real stock market game, and, under data available for experts, representatives nju - jorkskih broker offices - members CSCE already addressed to them with the offer to redeem their share holdings, finding thus an understanding maximum. That the offer became a reality, in its support all members LCE should act that too it is quite probable: at CSCE there are all possibilities to make the proposal the irresistible.
according to the representative of the British management on affairs of securities and investments (British Securities and Investment Board - SIB) which is engaged in control of transactions with actions in territory of Great Britain, it constantly watches succession of events round the transaction, and representatives CSCE constantly hold SIB in a course .

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