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New international passports

places Eager for change are entered new adventures

Under the information wait, in September in Russia is planned to begin delivery of new international passports. The first pre-production models of new documents already have descended from press Goznaka of Russia. And the new international passport of the seaman - with the Russian eagle on a crust has since yesterday started to operate. Old seamen can use at least till the end of the year.

Tourists and ordinary travellers ask not to panic yet. All, as usual, will begin with a head - in this case from passports diplomatic and office. As the head of department of delivery of service passports Russian has explained to the correspondent Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vagif Garaev, period of validity of former dark blue and green passports will not exceed six months after reception of new forms from Goznaka. When these forms will arrive, even in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the exact information have no. So, g - n Garaev does not exclude that printers can and detain for couple of months a state order date of performance - a pier, that`s nothing unusual.
with the termination of the period of time action of old dark blue and green documents the Russian frontier guards will cover an exit gate even for the most dear persons. However, it is not forbidden to return home and on old - molotkastomu.
As to simple red obshchegrazhdanskih passports, that, according to the diplomat, they will be printed in last turn. But not all so is simple.
as they say, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assumes, and life has. On understanding g - on Garaeva, obshchegrazhdanskie passports should remain the duplicate of invaluable cargo exactly 5 years from the moment of their delivery. That is before that date which is designated in the document on the first page. So in the theory. So assured OVIRs giving out them and the Russian management. And in life?
In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs already there was now a fear that which - who from the employees who have become skilled on restrictive shifts of foreign consular services will not miss possibility to refuse visa registration at a presentation of documents of the old sample. That is molotkastoj crusts will specify to the owner in the statutory acts regulating their exchange for the new. And the story about difficulties of Goznaka and other purely Russian disorders can not make impression.
now about standard base. According to the chairman of the commission concerning citizenship at president Abdulaha Mikitaeva, delivery of new international passports will be made, most likely, on the basis of the decree of the president for the State Duma by the autumn hardly will have time to consider the bill About the basic documents proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation . And the decree project, by words g - on Mikitaeva, is almost ready. He has noticed and that process of introduction of new documents provides the period during which old international passports will operate also. However this period will be long, the head of the high presidential commission has not specified even.