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The tender in Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations

a sugar Spoon in an oil butt

Behind a situation developing round the barter transaction: 3 million tons of oil behind 1 million tons of the Cuban sugar - a raw, watches throughout all 1995. This time the reason of the reference to it more than powerful - tender committee of Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations can sum today up competition which should name the Russian participants of the transaction.

13 persons on a chest of the dead person
First of all arise a question: and than, actually, the agiotage around Russian - the Cuban transaction is caused? On the substance of the answer two. In - the first, sugar involves interests of large Russian financial groups. In - the second, for the Russian sugar kings there has passed sweet time to consider profits by a principle: one we write, and how many on mind has gone - not your business.
Anyway around Russian - the Cuban barter many copies, and in the most different offices (about it wrote on April, 5th and on May, 5th, 1995) are already broken. As a result in the advertised bidding declared on June, 14th, 6 organisations participate. Actually, considering that at the transaction two wings - sugar and oil and, accordingly, the majority of potential participants act as steams, interested persons 11. For example: IN Mashinoimport (oil) + IN prodintorg (sugar); joint-stock company Nafta - Moscow (oil) + joint-stock company Menatep - Impeks (sugar); the Trading house Clear up (sugar) + joint-stock company Roskontrakt (oil); joint-stock company the Alpha - Eko joint-stock company MES and joint-stock company Rosvneshtorg are going to carry out the transaction independently. On the tenders spent by Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, very long ago did not happen so closely.
Though on a transaction exit there should be a sugar, and Cuba within the limits of the transaction taken out on the tender should provide 20 - 25 % of the Russian requirements for white sugar, participants of the tender in much bigger degree oil interests. All is simple. The winner receives green street to a pipe (truth, at Nafta - Moscow and Mashinoimporta these problems are not present, they commission agents LUKOIL and Rosneft accordingly). The main thing - conditions Russian - the Cuban report is provided that oil sale advances sugar purchases - a raw (for 30 days). Term and volume of sum of an export receipt of oil temporarily at its disposal depends On ability of traders.
a result: certainly, Russian - the Cuban transaction not the project of a century, but is enough tidbit for those firms which are able to consider the incomes and expenses really.

Under what schedule the tender
Ability to consider - an important condition of a victory at competition goes. However the data which has, force to think that participants of the tender prefer subtraction and division to other arithmetic actions. Half of participants of the tender has offered the total prices (and as those wholesale prices of sale of sugar in the Russian market appear) below $350 - 400 for ton of white sugar. Meanwhile the independent calculation done by experts (see the table), shows that if to play by rules, the price of ton of sugar should not fall below $500. It is characteristic, as in this case purchase of a raw it is more favourable than purchases of white sugar. The price (FOB London) white sugar for June, 30th - $447 for ton, import duties - 25 %, the VAT - 10 %, spetsnalog - 1,5 % from contract price (without transportation and the insurance).
Certainly, skilled traders can be beyond our calculations. The most curious: If oil was delivered in the end of 1994 - the beginning of 1995, that is in the terms to the greatest degree satisfying Cubans in connection with requirements safry, it was possible to achieve reduced prices of sugar - a raw. But this train has left. It is theoretically possible to assume that traders can achieve more preferential internal prices for oil. But this prize - not a pebble-leather on the contrary, it is not stretched in any way till the size justifying suggested prices. Nevertheless certain calculation for them costs for certain. However, it hardly means that in the Russian market there will be a sugar, especially at the declared price.