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The national currency markets

the First stock exchange begins the first currency

to hold the auctions ogranichenno convertible currencies the Kirghiz currency stock exchange created on last week intends. Besides, possibilities for carrying out valjutoobmennyh operations in Turkmenistan have been limited.

last week has taken place presentation of the first stock exchange in Kyrgyzstan which will hold the auctions by the state and corporate securities. Besides, the Kirghiz stock exchange plans to begin carrying out of the currency auctions. In particular, the stock exchange management already reaches the arrangement with association of commercial banks of Kyrgyzstan about tendering on some currencies of republics of the former USSR. Now unique currency on which the auctions in republic (currency auctions of National bank of Kyrgyzstan) are held is a dollar.
In the next republic - Turkmenistan - on the expired week the new order of fulfilment valjutoobmennyh operations has been entered. If earlier residents had the right to buy currency within $500 a year now, according to agency ITAR - TASS, the Central bank of Turkmenistan has allowed to sell to local exchange offices currency only to those citizens who leave on treatment, and also to the organised tourists. The limiting sum of an exchange will be equal $200. Foreign citizens can buy currency only within the sums, before sold by the authorised bank of Turkmenistan. Thus Turkmenistan has once again strengthened administrative methods of maintenance of quotations of local currency. Restrictions on purchase of currency against rupture between official quotations which are obliged to adhere exchange offices, and quotations of the black market will promote decrease in an excessive demand for the currency sold by a legal way.
to Put things in order in the market of cash sales the National bank of Belarus intends also. On the eve of elections in the local parliament, taken place on May, 14th, as a result of game of several banks the course of cash dollar has sharply grown on the average on 1500 - 1700 Belarus roubles. Against the long period of stabilisation of quotations of the Belarus rouble and high level of inflationary expectations of the population which are warmed up by a referendum to make it it has appeared simply. First of all has got to employees currency - economic service of Bank of Belarus which have not interfered with process of increase of a course of cash dollar. Besides, the National bank of Belarus wants to withdraw licences and to close exchange offices of banks - infringers of rules of carrying out valjutoobmennyh operations.