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the Murderer - the necrophilist is sentenced to the death penalty

the Judge of Moscow Regional Court Valery Letjagin has sentenced yesterday to a supreme penalty of the inhabitant of Balashikha Sergey Rjahovsky who has made 18 murders and 2 attempts at murder. Unlike earlier condemned maniacs Rjahovsky felt a sexual attraction to corpses and basically on this soil smothered and cut victims. However, he motivated the crimes with hatred to homosexuals and prostitutes who ostensibly were many from killed by it. On 60 - 70 - summer women and on teenagers he explained Attacks, for example, so: Has closed in a head . In a note from a pre-trial detention centre Rjahovsky has promised to present to inspector Mosoblprokuratury Michael Beloturovu driving its business the car - a foreign car if that achieves its recognition mentally sick. However the maniac has been recognised by made, though and suffering organic defeat of a brain with displays nekrofilnogo a sexual inclination.
business Rjahovsky at its desire was considered by a jury. They recognised as its guilty of 18 murders and not deserving indulgence . Jurymen have not believed to assurances Rjahovsky that its business was forged by inspector Beloturov as proofs of crimes of the maniac it has appeared more than enough. By the way, the inspector was present on a sentence that an in itself enough rare occurence.
on the basis of a verdict of jurymen the judge has sentenced the maniac to the death penalty. Rjahovsky has apprehended a sentence with calmness of the school honours pupil who has learnt about the received four. Rjahovsky and its lawyer, probably, vessels will try to appeal against sentence, however chances of its change are close to zero.

Robbers have profited by chocolate and gasoline
last days has been made two armed assaults on drivers of the trucks transporting cargoes on highways situated near Moscow. On July, 8th about 3 o`clock in the morning unknown criminals on a motor vehicle GAS - 24 have stopped on Pjatnitsky highway KamAZ belonging to the Lithuanian enterprise. The truck carried confectionery of the Russian manufacture. Robbers have forced the driver to climb in a luggage carrier of the Volga also have brought it to unknown apartment where have kept till July, 10th. Then the driver have taken out to wood under Solnechnogorsky. Therefrom the driver has reached the nearest police station. KamAZ has been found on July, 8th, truth, already without the goods.
the similar crime has occurred on July, 10th on 27 - m kilometre of the New Ryazan highway. Four unknown persons on VAZ - 2109 have stopped a gasoline tank truck MAZ transporting 18 tons of gasoline. Criminals have replaced the driver in the the nine also have brought to nearby wood where have kept under protection about three hours. After that, as well as in the first case, the victim has gone to militia. The gasoline tank truck did not manage while to be found.

Criminals have used absence of the alarm system
Audio - the video equipment, computers and other equipment for the sum over 180 million roubles is stolen by unknown persons yesternight from the technical centre of Open Company Intekst in St.-Petersburg. On it have informed in a press - service of the city Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. At the moment of theft of the worker of security service of firm Rubicon responsible for safety of the technical centre, on a place it has not appeared, and the alarm system in a building has not been established.

automatic machines steal in tens
Military Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory has revealed a number of large plunders of fire-arms from army warehouses. The investigation of the case of shortage of 50 automatic machines AKM and 3 manual machine guns RPK, fixed in one of parts of internal troops is now conducted. Other plunder is made in Bikinsky area: from a part warehouse 3 automatic machines and 3 sniper rifles are stolen. The investigation is carried on.

50 kg of ownerless heroin
Employees of Management on control over drugs of Thailand are revealed have found out at the airport of Bangkok two suitcases about 50 kg of heroin the first-rate quality . Representatives of management believe that to the unknown owner of cargo something has prevented to receive it and he has run away, having left heroin in a waiting room. Police officers have arrived to the airport on a call of the informer.

frontier guards have ordered to carry themselves in Helsinki
Police of Helsinki on Monday evening has detained two military men of the Russian frontier troops which have illegally arrived to Finland. At detention the automatic machine has been withdrawn from one of them. As have informed the Finnish authorities, the information on possible infringement of border has arrived from the Russian frontier part on Sunday. According to the available information, two frontier guards have autocratically left the military unit and have gone to Finland. The Finnish frontier guards strenuously patrolled area of a place of Rautjarve. The dog has picked up a trail, but through three kilometres it has lost. Searches proceeded on Sunday and Monday.
on Monday evening fugitives were found out. On wood road they have stopped the car and have ordered to the driver, 72 - to the summer Finn, to bring them to Helsinki. However it has brought fugitives straight to a court yard of the Department of Internal Affairs where them and have detained. The investigation is carried on.

the gangster have sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment
By 17 years of imprisonment the leader of criminal grouping Kamil Saliev is sentenced in Uzbekistan. The sentence has taken out Syr-Darya (the central part of Uzbekistan) regional court. Other four members of a gang also have received long imprisonment terms. During the investigation and judicial proceedings it has been established that Saliev and its accomplices were engaged in racket, abducted property in especially large sizes. Kalashnikov`s automatic machine, a manual machine gun, cartridges and drugs has been withdrawn from the leader of group during arrest.
since 1993 republic law enforcement bodies had been neutralised large criminal groups in the Kashkadarinskii area, Fergana valley, the Samarkand, Dzhizak areas, and also in Tashkent and its area.

infringers have met fire
Attempt of illegal transition Tadjik - the Afghani border on a site 6 - j outposts of Horogsky frontier group in Gornom Badahshane it is stopped this night by the Russian frontier guards. On it have informed in a press - group of command of the Russian frontier troops in Tajikistan. Six Tadjik oppositionists tried to be forwarded through the frontier river Pjandzh on territory of Afghanistan, but have been noticed by the Russian frontier guards. In the firing provoked by insurgents, two Tadjik oppositionists are killed also two detained. Two more infringers managed to disappear in a frontier Tadjik kishlak.

statistics of crimes for 1 - e half-year 1995
1 370 773 crimes are registered by law-enforcement bodies in Russia in the first half of the year of current year, including 799 610 heavy, have informed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The general indicator raskryvaemosti has made 65,2 %. Experts of the ministry have noted some growth of criminality - on 2,8 % - in comparison with the same period of last year. (The number of premeditated murders was thus reduced to 1,4 %), heavy physical injuries (on 7,1 %) and rapes (on 9,9 %). The number of stealings of vehicles has decreased For 22,9 %. Most popular Kind of offences among the Russian criminals, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, on - former there were thefts - 661 897 cases, including from apartments - 174 885.

By publication preparation materials of news agencies " are used; the Post factum ITAR - TASS, Interfax and also own correspondents.