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Column Misfortunes

four More live persons are found out by rescuers under fragments of the many-storeyed supermarket which has failed on June, 29th Sampun in Seoul, informed agency ITAR - TASS. Among survived one woman who worked in this shop. The national television has shown the moment of rescue of the employee of department store. She also has informed on three survived Koreans who were under a blockage near to a place where it have found out. Past Sunday after 11 - a day imprisonment student Tsoy Mjun Sok who earned additionally in shop has been got out of a concrete captivity. According to the available data, a death toll as a result of a collapse Sampuna has exceeded 200 persons.
as has informed a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, 997,6 million rbl. has reached a damage put by a storm rain to agriculture of the Oryol area of the Rostov region. All water modular constructions have been washed away and destroyed, the motor transportation message with several villages of area is interrupted. Transportation of grain of a new crop from fields on a current is suspended. Now in area detours are created.
the cholera has reached borders of the Kherson area, warns agency ITAR - TASS. In Belozersky area it is hospitalised four patients. Daily in Ukraine falls ill 5 - 6 persons. Total number the sick and infected only in Kherson and Nikolaev areas sick and infected only in Kherson reaches for today 570 persons. Doctors strictly forbid bathing, catching of cancers and fishes. During epidemic here were ill more than 210 persons. It is revealed 117 vibrionositelej. The large centre of a cholera remains in the Nikolaev area. Strengthened protivoepidemicheskie doctors accept measures in vicinities of Shirokolanovsky military range. In the end of July there are planned Ukrainian - the American military doctrines. On a number of seaside beaches of Mariupol it is found out virulentnyj vibrion a cholera - there has broken through the water drain, and a sewage has rushed in the sea. As a result of similar failure in Kharkov threat of ecological accident over Donetsk and Lugansk areas has hung. A sewage from the water drain has got to the main drinking artery of Donbass - the river Severski Donets. Under the threat of a full stop there is a water supply of southern areas of the Kharkov area, and also a wood resort of Slavjanogore where lives and has a rest now to 10 million persons.
in the centre of the Mexican capital the helicopter of the television company " has broken; televisa two journalists who were on its board and the pilot were lost, has reported ITAR - TASS. According to eyewitnesses of incident, the helicopter from which board reporters of the private broadcasting company largest in the country conducted the traditional morning reporting on a situation on the basic transport arteries of Mexico City, began to lose sharply height and has failed around street Lago - Ielmer. At the moment of falling the helicopter has touched electrosubstation of one of factories that has caused short circuit and explosion of fuel tanks then flaring fragments have failed on the motor vehicles parked at sidewalk. Among victims of accident there was a known local TV reporter, the winner of the national journalistic award of 1995 Rikardo Penja, television cameraman Hilberto Medina and pilot Serhio Espinosa. Traumatised and burns, the driver of one of appeared in a place of falling of motor vehicles is delivered in hospital. The authorities have begun investigation.
according to agency ITAR - the TASS, at least one person was lost and 40 have received a poisoning as a result of chlorine leak in jugo - the western Chinese province Sichuan. Failure has occurred on one of stations of disinfecting of sewage in suburb Chengdu - a province administrative centre. According to preliminary data, the reason was malfunction of the valve of capacity in which gaseous chlorine was stored. Among suffered eight firemen participating in liquidation of consequences of incident. Received a poisoning are hospitalised. Investigation of the happened is conducted.
71 persons, including 70 children, it is hospitalised in the Belgorod region with the diagnosis a dysentery, has informed the Ministry of Emergency Measures. Illness flash has occurred in a recreation camp Pioneer republic (Shebekino). Here preventive actions are carried out, the cause of illness is established.