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Life has arisen on 700 million years earlier, than was considered

Japanese scientists have found out that life on the Earth has arisen at least 3,5 billion years ago - on 700 million years earlier, than was considered till now. On it informs ITAR - TASS on March, 24th.
researchers from the Tokyo institute of technology led by professor Juitiro Ueno have found in a geological layer which is dated this period, the methane concluded in quartz. According to experts, it has been made by the bacteria presumably living in warm waters at an ocean floor. The geological layer in which there were gas vials, has age about 3,5 billion years. Opening is made in area western - the Australian city of Pilbara.

Methane promotes increase of the general temperature of a surface of the Earth. Scientists consider, what exactly it became the warming reason on a planet in arhejskuju an era/ proceeded during the period from 3,8 billion to 2,5 billion Years back/ when conditions for development of various forms of life have been created. That the found out methane is a product of ability to live of bacteria, the isotope entering into its structure carbon with nuclear weight 12 testifies. Unlike carbon - 13, this element meets in live organisms. Results of research are published in last issue Nature.