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Vietnam can become a member of the WTO till the end of the year

Vietnam can definitively co-ordinate all questions on the introduction into the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the next round of multilateral negotiations which will take place in September, transfers RIA News .
the working group on July, 20th has informed On it concerning joining SRV to the WTO after the termination 12 - go a round of negotiations. Vietnam can quite become a member of the WTO till that time as summit ATES will pass in Hanoi forthcoming November - the chairman of working group and the chairman of a general council of the WTO Eric Glenn has declared. Mister Glenn also has added that the working group aspires to that the question on joining of Vietnam to the WTO definitively would dare at forthcoming session of General Assembly of the organisation which will take place on October, 10th and 11 in Geneva.

the minister of trade of SRV Chyong Din Tuen also with optimism has estimated results of the last round of multilateral negotiations in Geneva. I am assured that this (12-) a round of negotiations - a solving step that Vietnam could access to WTO forthcoming October - the minister has told.

Vietnam has begun process of negotiations about accession to WTO in 1995 the Country recently has finished bilateral negotiations with all 28 interested partners-members of the organisation. The agreement on joining SRV to the WTO with last of 28 partners - the USA - has been signed on May, 31st, 2006