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Georgia has made terms on Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization

Georgia will agree to Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization only after Moscow will execute a number of conditions, informs on July, 22nd Echo Moscow .
It is necessary to liquidate illegal, according to the Georgian party, kontrolno - check points in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The goods should pass only on a check point Top Lars. Russia should struggle with falsification of the Georgian goods and attempts at intellectual property.

only after performance of these requirements Georgia is ready to give the consent to the introduction of our country in the WTO. Now Tbilisi intend to renew negotiations with Russia on this question. Missives are sent in WTO secretary, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Trade. Discussion will be especially actual, consider in Tbilisi, from - that Russia spends recently a discrimination concerning this state: Has forbidden agricultural products import, and then fault and mineral water. We will remind to access to WTO Russia there is no consent of the USA and Georgia.