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Lebanon remained without communication and TV

Practically without communication and without television there were inhabitants of northern Lebanon after the aircraft of Israel has struck new blow on infrastukture this country, informs on July, 22nd Echo Moscow .
Rocket attacks had been put out of action at once a little land satellite stations of three local TV channels, and, at least, two base stations - repeaters of the Lebanese operator of cellular communication Alfa mobile. Now communication between Beirut and northern regions of the country practically is not present.

Meanwhile in the first days of fighting operation the Israeli forces struck blows only to telecommunication objects Hezbally . For example, the TV channel " has undergone to bombardment; Al - Manar which belongs to radical Shiit grouping. Some experts say that economy of Lebanon already in deep crisis. Bombardments have destroyed roads, bridges, granaries, seaports and runways at the airports, shops, banks and offices of the Lebanese companies are closed. In total during the conflict targets of the Israeli Air Forces became more than 1,5 thousand objects, including apartment houses and vehicles.