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Hussein`s contacts to bin Laden

are proved Obnarodovanye documents svergnutogo the Iraq government, grasped by armies of the USA, testify that the official representative of Iraq met Osama bin Laden on February, 19th, 1995 in Sudan. The consent to a meeting was given by Saddam Hussein.
during a meeting Osama bin Laden has suggested the Iraq management to broadcast lectures of radical Saudi preacher Sulejmana al - Udy, and also “to perform joint operations against foreign forces in Saudi Arabia”. According to the documents in which analysis the American TV channel ABC News was engaged, Saddam Hussein has agreed on translation of these lectures. Also it is informed that in 1996 after charge in support of terrorism head “ Al - Kaidy “ has been compelled to leave Sudan and to leave to Afghanistan.“ Communication with it on - former through Sudaneses. We try to adjust it in the light of its new place of stay ”, - it is told in the document.

TV channel edition underlines that the commission investigating acts of terrorism on September, 11th, specified only in contacts of the Iraq mode and Osama bin Laden. However the published documents testify to personal approval of similar meetings by Saddam Hussein and about the offer to Bagdad cooperation from outside“ Al - Kaidy ”, informs Drudge Report on March, 24th.