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August in the Chechen Republic month of reconciliation

in the Chechen Republic becomes declared August by month of reconciliation and the consent. The decree about it was signed on July, 24th by the president of the Chechen republic Alu Alhanov, informs RIA News .

I am convinced that this decree will play a huge positive role in business of returning of participants of illegal armed formations to peace life, and also intensity removals in mutual relations between various categories of citizens which have arisen during the last years - mister Alhanov has declared. I have already charged to all heads of the republican ministries and departments, law enforcement bodies, and also have asked muftijat to be connected to this work and to conduct it daily - the president of the Chechen Republic speaks. work should not become isolated within the Chechen republic, it needs to be conducted in regions of Russia, the CIS and even abroad - has noted Alu Alhanov.

As he said, Abroad there are many persons whom during the different periods of time, being afraid for the and members of a family safety, have left a zone of carrying out of a counterterrorism operation; someone from them have by mistake enlisted in the former insurgents, someone consider as the helper . Each of them needs to explain that they are waited for by the house that Russia for them the Native land and that it is ready to accept any of them who has not made before it grave crimes - the president of the Chechen Republic has declared. He also has noticed that has disposed to define immediately in republic law enforcement bodies, in the government, and also in all areas telephone hotlines on which the people can call, wishing to leave on contact to the returning purpose to peace life. for years of a counterterrorism operation to peace life have returned more than 7 thousand persons - he has noted.

In turn the commander of incorporated grouping of armies in the North Caucasus the general - colonel Evgenie Barjaev has declared that any person should not refuse returning to peace life if behind it there are no grave crimes . We are ready to work with everyone, and we guarantee that we will show to them condescension - he has told.