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Members Our Ukraine do not intend to compose power

the Propresidential block Our Ukraine refuses to support the initiative of the Block of Yulia Timoshenko about preschedule addition of deputy powers. On it on July, 24th informs the PRIME - TASS.
deputies from fraction of the propresidential block Our Ukraine do not intend to compose deputy powers, and also to make the decision on an exit from fraction for what they are called by Yulia Timoshenko Block (BJUT). The deputy has informed On it from block fraction " to journalists; Our Ukraine the Novel of Zvarych. He has underlined that those deputies who intend to leave BJUT, Our Ukraine is ready to accept in fraction. According to mister Zvarycha, the exit of deputies from fractions does not attract automatic loss of the deputy mandate.

Besides, Roman Zvarych has expressed hope that representatives of an anti-recessionary coalition will not take voting to destination Victor Yanukovych of premieres - the minister without entering by the president of its nominee. According to the deputy, if the coalition nevertheless confirms Yanukovych`s nominee without corresponding representation of the head of the state, such actions and #39; Our Ukraine and #39; will regard according to the criminal code of Ukraine as attempt to arrange revolution .