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At parliament of Ukraine passes meeting

on July, 25th for the Supreme Rada of Ukraine has begun with opposition at its walls of supporters and opponents of parliament. More than 10 thousand active workers of various parties have surrounded Radu, informs RIA News .
Dressed in dark blue T-shirts and capes active workers of Party of Regions were built on the one hand parliament buildings. Their opponents supporting the block of Yulia Timoshenko (BJUT), under white banners have blocked Grushevsky`s street on the other hand parliament. The traffic on this highway is partially blocked. Both camps have established powerful dynamics through which broadcast music and periodically cry out slogans. People in pressure wait, whether Victor Yushchenko will bring Victor Yanukovych`s nominee on a post of premieres - the minister, or will dismiss the Supreme Rada.

we will remind, on the night of July, 25th has expired the term provided by the constitution for formation by new structure of the Supreme Rada of the government of the country. Now the president of Ukraine has the right to dismiss parliament and to appoint new elections. However it has not brought till now in Radu offered it members of parliament a nominee of the party leader of regions of Victor Yanukovych on a cabinet post of the head.

the day before the chairman of the Supreme Rada Alexander Moroz has expressed belief that president Yushchenko will not dismiss parliament. I assert that for dissolution of parliament president Victor Yushchenko has no bases. And on adventures, I am deeply convinced, it will not go - the mister has declared the Frost.