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Kokojty has urged Georgia to sign the memorandum about nenapadenii

South Ossetia urges Georgia to sign immediately the memorandum about nenapadenii and carrying out of a meeting of political leaders. It at a meeting with ambassadors-heads of delegations of the countries of OSCE was declared on July, 25th by the president of unrecognized republic Edward Kokojty.
As he said, achievement of these purposes is capable to deduce process of settlement Georgian - the Osset conflict on new qualitative level . There are two moments which performance can be regarded as the proof of peace intentions of the Georgian authorities. The first - performance of the offer of OSCE and memorandum signing about nenapadenii and force non-use between Georgia and South Ossetia. The second - preparation and carrying out within the limits of SKK a quadrilateral meeting of leaders of Russia, Georgia, Northern and Southern Ossetias - mister Kokojty has twisted. At a meeting there were ambassadors of Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, and also representatives of Norway, Russia and the USA, informs ITAR - TASS.