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Have begun it is command - staff doctrines VDV in the Ryazan region

960 military men and 9 units of armoured technics desantirovalis on a platform of a landing of Zhitovo in the Ryazan region in a course are command on July, 26th - staff doctrines 31 - j separate air - a landing brigade, informs ITAR - TASS.
of actions of armies observe vitse - the prime minister of defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov. As the chief has informed a press - services of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation colonel Vyacheslav Sedov, for the first time on doctrines of management by brigade operations it is carried out with use of the automated control system both #39; Flights-to and #39; in a link a brigade - a battalion - a company . During doctrines tactical problems on capture and a conclusion out of operation a large railway junction of the conditional opponent are fulfilled, practical speeding up of a large water barrier - the rivers Okas " will be carried out; - Vyacheslav Sedov has told. As the chief of Service of the information and public relations VDV colonel Alexander Cherednik, after speeding up of Oka " has told; commandoes will pass to defence and will spend fighting shooting on range Dubrovichi .