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Annan for joint investigation of  destruction of peacemakers

the Secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan has offered on July, 26th the prime minister - to the minister of Israel Ehudu Olmertu to make joint investigation of circumstances of  destruction of four military observers of Time forces of the United Nations in Lebanon, informs RIA “ News “.
According to the assistant a press - the secretary of United Nations Mari Okabe, the Israeli prime minister during telephone conversation has assured the secretary general that the post of peacemakers has been fired by mistake, and “ has expressed a deep regret concerning happened “. Kofi Annan has accepted apologies and “ has suggested to make joint investigation of this incident “.

the Assistant to the secretary general on Jane Holl`s peace-making operations - Lut at a briefing for councillors of Safety has stated incident details. On its information, bombardment of a position of peacemakers in settlement al - Hiam in the south of Lebanon has begun in 13. 20 local time. In radius of 300 metres round observation post were broke off approximately 20 shells and the rockets four of which have got to a structure in which there were military men of the United Nations. During bombardment the commander of point general Alen Pelelgrini repeatedly contacted the Israeli authorities, demanding to cease fire, but it has not occurred. Communication with observation post has been lost in 19. 17. In 21. 30 arrived into place “ blue helmets “ have found out remains of four victims - citizens of China, Austria, Finland and Canada.