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In Cairo there will pass rehearsal of carrying over of a statue of Ramzesa II

on July, 28th in Cairo will pass unique experiment on transportation of a multiton concrete copy of a statue of Pharaoh Ramzesa P from city centre in area of pyramids of Giza. If operation passes successfully, to Giza also will transport also the original, informs ITAR - TASS.
the most complicated technical plan on carrying over invaluable drevneegipetskoj 11 - a metre statue of Ramzesa II to Giza was developed throughout more than ten years. Before a project embodiment in life experts of the Egyptian company the Arabian contractors have decided to test it on the concrete block similar on the size and weight to a statue.

operation will begin in 8 o`clock in the morning local time on the area of Women an ale - Hadid where already half a century costs an ancient statue of the Pharaoh. Placed in responsible safety of an exhibit iron a cage Concrete beams will place in vertical position on special transport and through all city will transport on the area of Rimaja in area of pyramids of Giza. Specially for operation in streets where will take place a train, traffic will be blocked off, and in one place it was necessary to dismantle a part of the high foot bridge. In case of successful end of experiment on August, 25th to Giza where the Big Egyptian museum is under construction, will transfer also the original which age makes 3,2 thousand years.