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In Kirghizia Russian Developers of the project of the new Constitution of Kirghizia will deprive of the official status

have decided that Russian in republic should be deprived the official status fixed in the operating organic law of the country, informs RIA News .
eks - president Askar Akaev has given in due time to Russian the status official to get support of the Russian-speaking population of the country. But actually, between official and a state language there is no difference - the member of working group on working out of variants of the new Constitution, the party leader " has declared on July, 28th to journalists; Erkindik ( Freedom ) Topchubek Turgunaliev. In its opinion, such situation restrained the Kirghiz language . Developers of the Constitution consider that for today in republic the Kirghiz language " is ignored not Russian, but; which during independence and did not become state .

the Project of the new Constitution can be taken out on approval of parliament of republic in September. It is expected that after that on a national referendum the question on the form of government in the country will be taken out.