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The husband of dead Benazir Bhutto

Race for power

the New president of Pakistan became the new head of Pakistan there was a husband of dead Benazir Bhutto, the co-chairman of Pakistan people party Asif Ali Zardari. Preschedule presidential election in Pakistan was spent in connection with the resignation which has occurred on August, 18th of Perveza Musharrafa which have resigned before threat of impeachment. Real applicants for a presidential armchair named three candidates - the co-chairman of Pakistan people party Asifa Ali Zardari, the former member of Supreme court Saida of bonds - Zamana Siddiki which have been put forward by the Pakistan Muslim league () eks - prime minister Navaza Sharif, and senator Mushahida Hussein representing the former party in power the Pakistan Muslim league ().

According to the Pakistan Constitution, the head of the state is selected deputies of two chambers of parliament, and also members of assemblies of four provinces. Meanwhile Saturday voting has shown that the promoted worker of the Pakistan people party, spouses of dead Benazir Bhutto Asif Ali Zardari has appeared out of competition, without effort having typed 352 voices necessary for a victory. So impressing support of Asifa Ali Zardari to a great extent speaks charisma of its late spouse Benazir Bhutto which mister Zardari tempted in political strike skilfully used in the beginning in opposition with president Musharrafom expelled by him, and then - in struggle for a presidential armchair with the alternative candidate of the former opposition, the promoted worker of Muslim league () Saidom of bonds - Zamanom Siddiki.

we Will remind that Asif Ali Zardari behind whom with 90 - h years of the last century the loop of corruption scandals lasts, is considered rather inconsistent figure. In due time, when mister Zardari was the minister in government Benazir Bhutto, the nickname was fixed to it Mr. of Ten Percent - such share from the sum of concluded contracts, on hearings, it took to itself(himself) during this period. SERGEY - STROKAN

From the Serbian radicals has left the leader
In a past week-end about the resignation the assistant to the leader of oppositional Serbian radical party (SRP), the head of its fraction in parliament Tomislav Nikolich declared. It has explained the decision insuperable disagreements with party fellows. Mister Nikolich tried to convince members of the same party to support in skupshchine the agreement on stability and association from EU. The document has been signed in the end of April between EU and the Serbian government and is the first step to occurrence of Serbia in the European Union. However in a camp of nationalists consider that agreement ratification will mean refusal of Belgrad of claims to Kosovo. This point of view was supported also by the formal leader of the Serbian radicals of Voislav Sheshel who waits vessels in the Hague tribunal. As a result on Friday late at night at meeting of a party management the offer to support ratification of the agreement on stability it has been rejected by majority of votes.

it is remarkable that the statement of the agreement from EU, planned for this week, will take place and without participation SRP - for this purpose the ruling coalition led by the president of Serbia Boris Tadichem with interest will suffice available deputy mandates. Meanwhile Tomislav Nikolich which always were considered as the ultranationalist, tried to make recently Radical party of more centrist, having transferred accent from idea Great Serbia on social problems, in particular, struggle against unemployment. AFP