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Guerrilla flight of the banker has ended in a bog

On the night of Sunday in the Smolensk region private helicopter Robinson R44 in which the vice-president of the Moscow bank " came back from hunting for base has broken; Overcoming Dmitry Mozolevsky. Pilot accompanying the banker and the huntsman have died on the spot. The mister Mozolevsky has survived by miracle - at blow it has thrown out from the car, lighted up one second later. Circumstances of accident are found out, but already today is clear that pilot R44 has overestimated the possibilities, having dared at flight in the dark over tops of trees.
as the only thing who has escaped in accident, banker Dmitry Mozolevsky is, and it with serious traumas and burns is in resuscitation, to restore an exact picture of incident to experts yet it is not possible. It is preliminary established that four-seater Robinson served members of Fund of revival of hunting - private ohotohozjajstva, the bank created by heads Overcoming In Sychevsky area of the Smolensk region. The territories transferred in rent to fund, are covered by almost impassable woods and are boggy, therefore move on the hunting grounds bankers can only on caterpillar or air transport.

on Saturday late at night Robinson forwarded on base ohotohozjajstva the vice-president who has late in woods Overcomings Mozolevsky, fund being simultaneously the head. Approximately in 15 km from base Robinson it was hooked for tops of trees and has failed in a bog. An instant later has flashed splashed out of fuel tanks of the car and the kerosene which has spread on a water surface. Accompanying the mister Mozolevsky the pilot and the huntsman have burnt down together with car. The same fate for certain expected also the banker, but it even during falling has thrown out outside through an open door. The head of the fund who has received of some crises and burns, any miracle has found forces to communicate by a mobile phone with the hunting base and to name approximate co-ordinates of a place of accident. The huntsman on two caterpillar sanitary conveyors have found the victim only in some hours, and to deliver the banker in regional hospital of settlement Sychevka it was possible only to 6. 30 next days. Only in the morning on Sunday about incident have learnt and in regional departments of militia and the Ministry of Emergency Measures then to an accident place have sent on cross-country vehicles of firemen and operatively - an investigation team. To evacuate corpses of the huntsman and the pilot to rescuers it was possible only to evening of yesterday.

causes of accident will be found out by experts of Interstate aviacommittee and Rosaviation. While from their words that flight Robinson was unapproved is known only, - the pilot did not receive the permission to it, and already having risen in air, did not report on dispatchers on the movings. If the helicopter pilot has requested the permission to a departure of the easy helicopter which has been not equipped besides radiovysotomerom, to it necessarily would recommend at least to wait mornings. to fly on R44 in the dark is about the same what to go on the car in the night from switched off by headlights, - has told the known sportsman - helicopter pilot Artem Kurpitko. It is, of course, possible, but demands from the pilot of the highest qualification. It is even more difficult to do it when you go in a so-called guerrilla mode, that is it is compelled to nestle on the earth that you were marked by a radar. The matter is that on R44, as a rule, there is no radiovysotomerov, giving to the pilot an exact value of height of flight, and you are compelled to be guided only by the approximate value received on recalculation of atmospheric pressure. In such situation each top of a tree represents deadly threat .