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FSFR will check up managing directors

Management companies

the Ministry of Finance has sent Federal Agency of the financial markets the letter in which suggests to carry out check of conformity of management companies to requirements of the legislation for prolongation of contracts of trust management by pension accumulation. On October, 8th expires five years` period of validity of the contract between PFR and 55 management companies. In July the Ministry of Finance has issued the order where has listed requirements to which there should correspond the private companies having the contract with PFR for prolongation of the contract. However the Ministry of Justice has refused to register this document, having referred that special procedure of prolongation of contracts of trust management is not provided by the Civil code. Meanwhile the assistant to head FSFR Sergey Kharlamov has informed yesterday that the service all - taki will accept the offer of the Ministry of Finance and will check up managing directors on conformity to the established requirements. It will not be long procedure as the companies initially counted on it and have already prepared documents - he has told. ALEXANDER - MAZUNIN

Natixis will spend Banks dopemissiju at cut price
Yesterday newspaper Les Echos has informed that planned by the French bank group Natixis dopemissija on 3,7 mlrd will be spent at cut price. According to the newspaper which refers to not named informed sources, the share cost of the company after application of the right of priority of a subscription of shareholders will not exceed 3 that approximately on 40 % below current cost of papers. In the bank on the information do not make comments. After occurrence of the message of action Natixis at the preliminary auctions in Paris have fallen to 5,3 %, to 5,85. EKATERINA - DUDAREVA

Stock exchanges
Deutsche Boerse under the pressure of shareholders
According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, two largest shareholders Deutsche Boerse - the American investment fund Atticus Capital LLC and British The Children`s Investment Fund LLP - have made the joint statement on intention to achieve growth of capitalisation of the German exchange operator. From the beginning of year capitalisation Deutsche Boerse was reduced to 50 %, to 13,21 mlrd therefore Atticus Capital has lost $5 billion As is told in the statement of investment funds, they consider all possible means of increase in joint-stock cost, including changes in supervisory board structure . SEDA - EGIKJAN