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The municipal accounts department considered millions

As it became known , criminal case investigation eks - directors of municipal authority " is ended; Administratively - economic service of an education system (MU AHSSO) Perm Valentines Lazukovoj and its former assistant Boris Orlova. In the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs consider that at repair of schools they have received for protection from businessmen in 2006-2007 six bribes for the sum of 3,6 million rbl. Accused with such version do not agree and deny any self-interest in the actions. Z September of SCH GSU at the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has directed to Office of Public Prosecutor the investigated criminal case about corruption in MU AHSSO of Perm. Investigatory actions with participation of field investigators of fourth department UBOP proceeded since May, 3rd, 2007. In total 31 criminal case about the revealed infringements of the law at repair of the Perm schools has been raised. Militiamen have instituted criminal proceedings 24 figurants, among which director of schools, heads of contract organisations and officials AHSSO. To the majority of them the negligence and causing of a property damage by a deceit or breach of confidence were charged. Some detained and placed in IVS. Then concerning almost all women under investigation decisions on the termination of criminal prosecution in connection with active repentance and taking into account compensation of the caused damage have been made. Charges in fulfilment especially grave crimes are shown two: eks - to the director of MU AHSSO to Valentina Lazukovoj and its former assistant on the general questions to Boris Orlovu.

Madam Lazukova has occupied an armchair of the director on February, 2nd, 2004, and mister Orlov became the assistant on September, 1st, 2005. Officials were also members of the competitive commission on placing of the municipal order of committee by training and a science of administration of Perm. Under the version of the investigation, in 2006 the director of MU AHSSO had an intention on use of office powers contrary to interests of service from the mercenary interest caused by related relations with its son-in-law Sergey Nazarov. Having registered on September, 27th, 2006 Open Company the Monolith - N mister Nazarov became the head and the unique founder of firm. In October city committee by training and a science, MU AHSSO in the name of its mother-in-law Valentines Lazukovoj has concluded with the Monolith - N three municipal contracts on operating repair of school 122. In November madam Lazukova has signed certificates about acceptance of the executed works for the sum of 6,2 million rbl. the Consequence has established that actually the amount of works was less on 194 thousand rbl. and the director of MU AHSSO about it authentically knew.

under the similar scenario relations and with other contractors were under construction. In the autumn and winter of 2006 on operating repair of lycee 10 and schools 24 it has been overpaid Open Company Gefest according to 487 thousand and 138 thousand rbl. Inspectors and field investigators have found out that Open Company Gefest it is registered by unstated persons in 2005 under the lost passport of a certain citizen. Actually it had no relation to firm, but appeared the founder and the director, and signatures from his name were put by someone in municipal contracts. Open Company PSK additions the Builder at operating repair of school 88 and lycee 10 have exceeded 495 thousand rbl. the General damage to the city and regional budget, considers a consequence, has made 1,3 million rbl. These actions of a management of MU AHSSO are qualified as abusing powers of office and a negligence.

Besides, the were director and the assistant are accused of bribery. Knowing that mister Orlov a sign with the actual head of Open Company Gefest Magomedom Ibragimovym, madam Lazukova in the summer of 2006 has suggested to enter arrangement on reception of recoils from this contractor - on 10 % from the sum of the municipal contract. In the end of August, 2006 mister Ibragimov has handed over to Boris Orlovu of 150 thousand and 200 thousand rbl. which that has transferred to Valentina Lazukovoj. In second half of January, 2007 Magomed Ibragimov has paid to madam Lazukovoj in its study of 2 million rbl., and in the end of February has transferred for it through the son - Konstantin Lazukova still

1 million rbl. Two bribes in 150 thousand and 100 thousand rbl., believes a consequence, on August, 17th and on December, 29th, 2006 has laid out to officials Open Company management Palid - the System . Recoils intended for assistance in a prize at competitions on repair realisation in formation municipal authorities, maintenance of acceptance of repair work and for the general protection.

at a search of the house at director AHSSO records of black accounts department have been found. Opposite to names of firms - contractors under letters To F for SH and L the hand of madam Lazukovoj designates the figures which addition gives the million sums. It is remarkable that the director of Open Company PSK the Builder Vladimir Epishin has written four appearances with guilty where, in particular, has specified the surnames of officials ciphered by Valentina Lazukovoj F and SH . However then he has refused frank recognitions. Nevertheless, the militia has, among other proofs, an operative audio record of conversation of mister Orlova with madam Lazukovoj giving a deal about distribution of bribes among officials.

accused do not agree with the version of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Mister Orlov has declared on a consequence that from the money transferred for madam Lazukovoj personally it did not take copecks. Itself eks - the director of MU AHSSO which was in custody two months in a pre-trial detention centre, in general denies reception of bribes. Now accused stay on a subscription about nevyezde. In case of a recognition guilty on points and and g parts of 4 articles 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Reception of a bribe by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement and in the large size ) it are threatened with punishment from 7 to 12 years of imprisonment with the penalty to 1 million rbl. If the regional Office of Public Prosecutor confirms the bill of particulars, business will be directed for consideration to regional court.
Michael Lobanov