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Serena Williams the American tennis-player Serena Williams has headed rating WTA

on September, 8th has won US Open ending, having beaten Elena Jankovich from Serbia with the account 6:4, 7:5. Together with a treasured cup, Williams will receive $1,5 million prize-winning, and the second racket of the world Elena Jankovich has earned $750 thousand
In the beginning of a match to the Serbian tennis-player it was possible to take of an in the lead position and to conduct with the account 2:1. However further Serena Williams has taken the initiative and has won some games on giving of Jankovich, than and has provided to itself a convincing victory. For the American it already the ninth cup of the Grand Slam in career. Besides, the victory in US Open has allowed it to occupy the first line of world rating WTA.

the Permit in the ending of tournament Serene Williams was provided with a victory over Russian Dinara Safina on September, 5th in a semi-final. Safinoj it was not possible to keep leadership in the beginning of a match which has ended with the account 3:6, 2:6. The chance, and good, on that to hook at least on the first set, was. But I have spoilt all, - Dinara Safina admitted after a match.

Elena Dementyev too has not reached the first line of rating WTA. Battling for an exit in the ending to Elena Jankovich, the Russian conducted in first two sets, however also as well as Safinoj, to it was not possible to fix this leadership. The tennis-player from Serbia has won with the account 6:4, 6:4. Dementyev of the frustration has not shown, having noticed that the Olympic Games were the main tournament for it this year. after that even if in New York I would take off in the first circle, it would not become for me tragedy - the tennis-player has explained.

as a result rating WTA looks as follows:

1. Serena Williams (USA) - 3680 points,

2. Elena Jankovich (Serbia) - 3670,

3. Dinara Safina (Russia) - 3123,

4. Ana Ivanovich (Serbia) - 2881,

5. Elena Dementyev (Russia) - 2855,

6. Maria Sharapova (Russia) - 2515,

7. Vinus Williams (USA) - 2106,

8. Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia) - 2022,

9. Agneshka Radvanska (Poland) - 1945,

10. Belief Zvonareva (Russia) - 1795...

15. Anna Chakvetadze (Russia) - 1312,

19. Nadezhda Petrova (Russia) - 1108.