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Alexander Lukashenko against occurrence of Belarus in structure of Russia

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has declared on September, 8th on a press - conferences that events on caucasus confirm unacceptability of the introduction of Belarus in structure of Russia. So Russia will lose the trustworthy alien and the subject of international law. In its opinion, Belarus and Russia it is necessary to strengthen Union State.
you know, in due time, there were similar trends. Today already many politicians let not aloud, but silently say that I was right. It is absolutely not necessary neither Belarus, nor Russia - the Belarus president has told. what for to lose the ally on international scene, to lose one voice in the United Nations and other organisations - has noted Lukashenko.

thus the Belarus leader has informed that in allied building of Belarus and Russia is made much enough, but today it is in the frozen condition. In the near future events which occur today in the world, will force the Belarus and Russian management to return to a problem of development of Union State, considers Lukashenko. As he said, it both the conflict on caucasus and a position of Ukraine, the Baltic States and active escalating of military power of the USA and the NATO at the western borders of Union State.

Lukashenko considers that it is necessary to carry out the allied contract. if its updating is necessary - we with understanding concern it, but I against to correct the contract towards its easing - he has underlined.

we will remind, Belarus long time did not sound the official position concerning the conflict in South Ossetia. Alexander Lukashenko has declared that the Belarus authorities will consider the problem on a recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia after parliamentary elections which will pass in Belarus in the end of September.