Rus News Journal

Other books of week

My father - a giant
Charles Aznavur
M: Ripol - the classic
the Collection of stories of chansonnier Charles Aznavura.

Evenings with Gorovitsem
David Djubal
M: Classics - XXI
the First translation into Russian of the best seller 1990 - h years in which the American musical journalist David Djubal has told about the friendship with great Vladimir Gorovitsem.

Small, big
John Krauli
M: eksmo
Reprinting of the well-known novel of John Krauli who has received in 1982 World Fantasy Award. Long, but fascinating history of the family, a living in peace British magic fairy tale.

an everyday life of comedians at the time of Moliere
George Mongreden
M: Young guards
the Classical French monography 1960 - h years. History of the French theatre in a XVII-th century, Kornelja which have turned thanks to dramas and Moliere from the vulgar action despised by church in high art.

a stone marriage bed
Harri Mulish
M: the Text
the Well-known Dutch novel, which hero - the American pilot participating in bombardments of Dresden - 15 years later comes back in the destroyed city and meets there love of all life.

the split coast
Peter Templ
SPb.: the alphabet - classics
the Criminal novel of the Australian writer in which sleepy life of silent seaside small town appears is destroyed from - for murders of the local businessman.

Elizabeth II
Karoli Ericson
SPb.: an amphora
the British biography ( an intimate portrait ) The operating queen, written to style this incident by a pain was reflected in her soul and after that incident the horror shiver has swept on a palace .