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Children of freedom
Mark Levi
M: the Foreigner, 2008
Marc Levy. Les enfants de la liberte

the French writer Mark Levi - one of the most readable authors of France. Its debut novel If only it is truth (in the Russian edition Between heaven and earth ) Has been accepted by the first publishing house, the book has headed the list of the French best sellers for 2000. As well as all subsequent books of Levi - its novels are translated on 38 languages and have dispersed worldwide in 14 million copies, - the debut book has turned to a successful Hollywood melodrama where Riz Uizerspun plays the girl - a phantom which prevents to live to the successful architect installed in its apartment (Mark Raffalo), and all comes to an end with a kiss on a roof. All novels of Levi - lusciously sentimental stories about love behind which it is necessary or to go on other doomsday or to get it from a next world. Except the book Children of freedom . It is the history of the French Resistance which have been written down by the writer according to his father and the uncle.

protagonists - seventeen-year boys, Poles, Hungarians, Jews who will organise acts of terrorism against the German officers who have grasped France. Children whom war has compelled to be live people, - the native land to protect. Jean, the story-teller, one of few survived in group, remembers the history for the wife. it is necessary, that you have understood a historical context - he speaks to it and explains that here there were bad Germans both good Frenchmen, and Jews, and the Holocaust and consequently it was necessary for young heroes to blow up trains, trams and cafe where German officers feasted. Life of group of Resistance is similar at Levi to life of modern office: it admires, as duties as operations as the schedule of these operations is densely painted are thought over and as well it is observed are distributed. Its novel - attempt to tell about Resistance to people for which it is necessary to explain a historical context having combined tragical sentimentality (almost behind each name in brackets - date and circumstances of death) with fascination. Something turns out the third: yes, all of them struggled for a just cause and many were lost, but look is better, as it is good at them the logistics has been arranged.

Autumn of Love
Michael Nyman
SPb.: the alphabet - the classics, 2008

In a book basis - the first at the author - has laid down real life experience. Nonfictional characters - young English addicts of Paddi, Skotti, Alvi and other conduct solar life of friendliness and disintegration . Action time - first half 1990 - h, a scene of action - that sluggish Brighton, which slackness knifing, robberies and murders, do not break even openly dangerous rave - a carnival in London Notinghille. Heroes not on accepted in narcotic books, Russian and translation, abrupt slenge speak, and is polite, detailed, almost ceremonious - as well as it is necessary to young Englishmen, in whatever degree of disintegration and degradation they stayed and how despised rules of the bourgeois world. The main thing in the book - not the next story about flight from bourgeois falseness in narcotic self-damage, and a figure of the story-teller who has arrived from the USSR Mishi . The stranger at the Soviet school, it remained the same stranger in the Oxford college, to the same strangers remains and in rejverskoj to a party. This marginal world as does not suffer in itself strangers, as well as the world big, but with one difference solving for the separate person: If you do not participate (in party life), you do not accept. In general, as well as in a normal society. A difference only one: so much drugs that always it is possible to refer to them. A pier, I do not accept participation, because under a high . A high not as pleasure and not as self-destruction, and as an alibi - an alibi which is not masking anything, except the fact of your separateness and a restlessness - here the basic, though almost all time the muffled melody of the book. Where such alibi and such masking - only there and " are possible; It is possible to breathe : In college has become loathsome. In Brighton has become loathsome. Has become loathsome in this party rejverskoj. The only thing that I can do, it to breathe. In the dark. That a rave on seacoast at night, all would rage, and I would sit at water one, in any forty metres from everything, would know that they there, and itself would look at waves .