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The trushchobnyj novel

Bad night (Mala Noche, 1985)

Fight of caravans (Fighting Caravans, 1931)
the Modern spectator is hopelessly spoilt by westerns, which since 1940 - h years continuously put problems : well there, the relation to Indians, violence as a source of the American civilisation, the person and the nature. Meanwhile an original western - the simple popular print, two pritopa, three prihlopa, verses which pioneers bawl at a fire, without doubting at all that the good Indian - the dead Indian. Such here a popular print - a film of forgotten Otto Brouera and the native of Odessa David Barton. The hudjushchy merry fellow and razdolbaj - man of courage Klint (Gary Cooper) spends a thorny road to 1600 miles a caravan of immigrants to California. Jokers - tramps Bill (Ernest Torrens) and Jim (Talli Marshall) marry off to it besides its and its will dashing Filiche (Poured Damita) who in the ending, certainly, will fall in love useless the groom . A supper baked beans, friendly mordoboj the drunk too much selectors of happiness in a roadside saloon, plain podnachki trapperov, one hundred - another of the dead Indians who for ever have remained in prairie, - that else it is necessary to combine a plain ballad about brave guys and their fighting girlfriends.

Stromboli, the earth divine (Stromboli terra di dio, 1949)
the Father of the Italian neo-realism, the ingenious director, the Catholic - the mystic and bogoborets, the brave anti-fascist and cynical lady`s man Roberto Rossellini was going to remove in a leading role in Stromboli great Anna Manjani. But having met Ingrid Bergman, has fallen in love with it, has withdrawn from the husband and has presented one of the best roles in her life. In a film two heroes. It - it is short strizhennaja Lithuanian Karin (Bergman), the displaced person in horror from prospect to return home married the fisherman Antonio (Mario Vitale) from a poor islet of Stromboli. It - a volcano reigning over island, a blocking way to the flight, hourly reminding to wildish islanders about caducity real, hopelessness of life. Tragedy Karin not that it is locked in razvaljuhe, among natives living by medieval concepts, and that it is resisted by the god who has accepted an appearance of a volcano. One of the strongest and most tragical endings in the history of cinema - a prayer of pregnant woman Karin, despaired to overcome this god: she should choose between a victory - death and defeat - returning to the husband which, perhaps, is more terrible than death.

innocent with dirty hands (Les innocents aux mains sales, 1975)
Not the most successful, but one of the most cynical heads of a lampoon about the French bourgeoisie which it is tireless throughout half a century removes Claude Shabrol. This time it as though dekonstruiruet typical situations nuara, only nuar this not level of Deshila Hemmeta, and is faster than James Hedli Chejza`s manner. The morals if in application to films of Shabrolja in general it is possible to speak about morals, are simple: it is not obligatory to murderer to kill. Murderers of the bourgeois do not become, and are born. And if so - taki anybody also will not kill, only on cowardice, and it is even worse: means, they not simply murderers, and cowardly murderers. To put it briefly, Zhjuli (Romi Schneider) living in French riviera intend to get rid of the old husband - impotent man Lui (Rod Stajger) with the help zhigolo Jeff (Paolo Gisti) who is giving out for the novelist. Plot turns around gloomy klounadoj. All substitute accomplices, all at the crucial moment panic, dead persons revive repeatedly to die only, and justice invariably punishes guilty, but why - that always not for those crimes which they have made.

Othello (Othello, 1952)
Only such monster as Orson Wells, it could be started up in adventure of the shootings stretched on four year Othello . At times without copeck of money, coming off a film to earn additionally a role of the villain in the next paper for recycling, substituting the run away operator, being wound across all Mediterranean, Wells has appeared at the Cannes festival where has received gran - at, bomzhom. It was absolutely not clear, what country represents Othello except the country by name of Orson Wells. Has gained Morocco, recognising a film the: Wells removed the main episodes in the North Moroccan fortress of Mogador, under a roar of ocean and the cries of seagulls sounding more terribly klekota hichkokovskih of birds. The wild, solemn, terrible screen version mounted in nevidanno fast for 1950 - h years a rhythm, beginning with the end. The first that sees and already the spectator, - dead Othello`s thrown back head (Wells), the infinite funeral procession which persons of participants are latent by hoods, and animal throwings suspended in a cage on a fortification of villain Jago (Michael Makliammojr) never will forget, whose doubled beard reminds canines of a predator.