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Primitive drive

Metallica Death Magnetic (Mercury Records)

Patricia Barber The Cole Porter Mix (Blue Note)
the Previous album of the American jazz pianist and singer Patricia Barber Mythologies (2006) has been created on the basis of impressions from Metamorphoses Ovidija. Now it has returned to plain texts and soft salonnym to arrangements, namely to a heritage of Kola of Malt liquor. At first sight no especially sharp intrigue in the collection of interpretations of madam Barber is present, maybe, except that it the open lesbian, and the great jazz composer was half-opened the gay. At attentive listening it is found out that the performer which - where has inconsiderately enough intruded in initial texts of jazz standards. For example, in a composition I Get A Kick Out Of You Known first of all performed by Frenka Sinatra, instead of someone likes the Spanish spirits, to me enough one breath - and it is already boring she sings someone loves cocaine, to me enough one pinch - and it is already boring . At last, among 13 tracks of a disk three things of authorship of Patricia Barber - " are found out; I Wait For Late Afternoon And You Snow and The New Year ` s Eve Song . Hit in handwriting of the classic the absolute.

Amanda Palmer Who Killed Amanda Palmer (Roadrunner)
Amanda Palmer - the pianist, the singer and the best half Boston the punk - cabaret - duet The Dresden Dolls. In its first solo work from The Dresden Dolls there was an unmerciful relation to keys and vocal chords. Were added orchestral string and the general postrokovyj monumentalizm. An opening track Austronaut With its rumble of bass strings freezing blood after the overture, relentless apokaliptichnym development and a gloomy crescendo in the ending it seems a fruit of cooperation Radiohead and Diamandy Galas. Possibly, with only one partner on The Dresden Dolls Bryan Vilone it really would not manage to reach such all-destroying effect. In Leeds United Amanda Palmer easily manoeuvres between the acquaintance on The Dresden Dolls brehtovskoj intonation of the vulgar zongov and a glamour of Kajli Minoug. In Ampersand acts on one field with the girlfriend Reginoj Spektor. In Strength Through Music managing two notes, it is carried away where - that in area Dead Can Dance. Simply songs on an album are not present. Is or sharp movements (spittles, slaps in the face, rifle-shots), or dissolution in each sound, full, to molecules.

e. s. t. Leucocyte (Act)
on May, 30th the Swedish neojazz ensemble Esbjorn Svensson Trio has given the first Russian concert in the Concert hall of a name of Tchaikovsky. It seemed that Esbern Svensson not plays music, and directly in the face of spectators prepares any magical soup, stirs slowly it in a copper, is carnivorous prichmokivaja and silently grinning to any secret plans - wrote . On June, 14th the leader of group was lost, being engaged in scuba diving nearby to Stockholm. An album Leucocyte - the trio latest work. Would be platitude top to tell that in the play present on an album Premonition - Earth the trouble presentiment is audible. But in its first, mainly keyboard part, certainly, there is something underwater, and in the second, masterly supported by Dan Berglunda`s contrabass and drums of Magnusa Ostroma, the group ingeniously transfers sensations of the person, feverishly both unsuccessfully trying to find air and freedom. Leucocyte - a farewell song of the outstanding musician which practically alone, well, maybe, together with Englishmen Polar Bear, tried to express sensations of the today`s world in jazz language. Its place remains is empty.

poured Dauns Shake Away (EMI)
Shake Away - the eighth under the account a studio album of Mexican singer Lily Dauns. Competent sources inform that salt of its creativity in how it mixes traditional Latin American rhythms with American Indian motives. It is necessary to take sources a word - hardly to much of us it is let know as music of the Maya or, say, representatives of a tribe mikstekov from which there is a family of mother Lily (the father at it the Scot) actually sounded. In an album Shake Away there are no especially evident paints which would be beaten out from a traditional palette of music teks - meks . Quite American a rhythm - section, often English-speaking texts, the Mexican copper, sometimes - surf - a guitar, it is frequent - an accordion. The comfortable deep voice reminding other underestimated girl of an exotic origin - Tanitu Tikaram. In general, dances. Separately it is necessary to note the version of song Fleetwood Mac Black Magic Woman glorified by Carlos Santana. Here madam Dauns wails nechelovecheski, and basically all oppressed American Indian tribes with which remained though an honour particle, should there and then start to be reserved cocktails of Molotova .