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Meal with the chief

the Coral trout - one of the most beautiful and tasty fishes. In spite of the fact that it is accessible all year long, in Moscow the coral trout while is considered exotic, the head cook of restaurant " is assured; Bujabes Lilian Terion .
Why the coral trout so is called?

And you as have thought? Most likely, would decide that from - for colours. This fish really beautiful it is bright - red colour, can be with a shade orange, as would explain its so romantic name. Only here all is much more prosy. The matter is that it lives in the field of coral reeves deeply, here and is called as coral. By the way, she lives in waters of Pacific ocean, whence Australians catch it from September till November. It is the peak of a trout season and so it basically is all year long accessible.

and in what countries it eat?

Yes who only does not eat it - all Europe, Asia, the former English colonies, Australia. For Russia, and in particular, and for Moscow it while exotic. And it is a pity, for beauty and qualities of a coral trout I would name its queen of all trout. Therefore I both prepare it, and I want, that other people could estimate its taste and prepare at home.

and in Moscow it is on sale?

Yes, it is on sale in Moscow. Deliveries of a coral trout - cooled, entirely, potroshenoj and cut - are carried out all year long basically from East Australia. The frozen fish is imported from Indonesia and Myanma. To buy fish, of course, it is better cooled, at purchase frozen there is a risk to get the stale. Most easier to prepare a fillet but if you want to make especially beautiful dish it is better to buy the whole coral trout.

on what to pay attention at a choice?

As I have already told, the coral trout can be red and orange colour. Its weight can vary from 600 grammes to kg, and the size - from 40 to 80 centimetres. At fresh fish of an eye should be bright and damp, gills - it is bright - red, and at frozen - serovato - red.

and on taste it what?

This fish contains many nutrients and vitamins, but thus in it there is not enough fat - only 0,6 grammes on 100 grammes of fish. Therefore its white meat very gentle and absolutely not heavy, its taste improbably soft, delicate and even hardly - hardly sweetish.

what ways of preparation will underline own taste of a coral trout?

It in this sense is absolutely universal. It is possible to prepare a coral trout and on pair, and to bake in an oven, to fry on a frying pan or on a grill. But most of all I like a trout prepared on pair: Quickly prepares and as much as possible keeps the flavouring qualities. Meat of a steam coral trout gentle, and juice reminds taste of milk.

Share the recipe?

Certainly! The dish is called the Coral trout on pair with slivochno - soya sauce and kumkvatom . At first we buy in shop of a half a kilogramme of a fillet of our beautiful trout, one kumkvat, lajm, 200 grammes of dense cream (fish fast so it is possible to afford fat cream for sauce), 100 grammes of chestnut honey and the Bulgarian pepper. Besides, soya sauce is required to us a little, salt and pepper is, I believe, on each kitchen will be. Most simple - preparation of fish on pair. It is possible to put it in a double boiler, and if the such is not available to establish on pan partially filled with water a colander or a sieve, in it to put a fillet, to cover and so to prepare. But it we will leave for the latest moment, after all at first it is necessary to prepare sauce. In sotejnik it is cut by small cubes of 200 grammes of the Bulgarian pepper, all honey, cream here is filled in, 15 grammes of soya sauce, we salt a little and we pepper. To prepare sauce it is necessary on slow fire within two hours, stirring slowly with everyone 10 - 15 minutes. When all is ready, a fillet is spread on a dish, at first sbryzgivaem by juice lajma, and then we sauce. In an ornament role will act cut on quarters kumkvat - it will give I observe delicate aroma of a citrus that, in turn, will add exotic.

and to fry a trout, means, do not recommend?

Yes is not present, why! Prepared on a grill or on a frying pan, this fish too tasty, but it loses a lot of juice and becomes slightly dryish. The whole fish precisely is better be not to frying - a lot of time will occupy, if and to prepare thus, only a fillet. And if want to keep juiciness of fish fry it not simply so, and in a flour. The recipe idle time: Fillet of a trout to roll in in a flour with salt and pepper addition, then to fry on butter on a frying pan on two minutes from each party, and after that to bake in an oven within five minutes. To submit fish it is necessary on the big dish, preliminary sbryznuv its juice lajma and having strewed parsley. For a garnish role is better autumn vegetables will approach, they can be extinguished slightly with seasonings on a frying pan or in voke.

With what this fish is not combined?

I would recommend to be more careful with mint and a basil. Not in the sense that they should be avoided, simply important not to be overzealous - these grasses can give to taste of fish bitterness or and at all it hammer. In other combinations the coral trout is unpretentious enough.