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Day of originality

Alexander Voronov - about club events of week

applies For a rank of the most original event of this week next koktejlnyj fest from series B - Live with which the known manufacturer of rum arranges with all. These actions, we will remind, pass in style glamour mash - up if so it is possible to be expressed: classical orchestras accompany characters like George`s Fight, krasnoznamennye ensembles sing petshopboevskoe Go West and a house - DJs dance together with lozhkarjami and the Georgian chorus. Present action carries the name the Russian classics and consequently figurants last festov like Groove Armada or, at the worst, the same George`s Fight is not expected, however a courageous combination incongruous and this time will be though take away. For example, Nikolay Baskov plans to sing, forgive My God, competing in speed about a house - plates of Petersburg DJ Kimbara, and the last also should be answerable before the dancer of the Bolshoi theatre Sergey Filinym who has conceived suit a house - ballet. Headliners of a today`s party declare group Tatu which, on assurance of organizers, will execute the English-speaking concert first in Moscow. Just the same, however, girls have given recently in Kanne on a party dated to the premiere of a picture about them. Additional interest can give that fact that Tatu have ostensibly dispersed all old concert structure, having typed instead of the sensible Americans, capable not to dishonour live show any level. Curiously and the action venue - as is a little bashful, whether that, its organizers, " name; a palace on Jauze . Meanwhile for so non-standard musical action where it would be more logical to use its old name - recreation centre MELZ, a legendary place, where in 1988 in honour of a film exit Assa Victor Tsoy with companions suited three-week fate - and art - the action. However, to understand organizers B - Live it is possible. It is not known after all, whether young fans of a house and group " will remember; Tatu about the given fact, and for zavlechenija publics in underground area Electrofactory a word a palace approaches much more.

to fans of all minimum in electronics on these days off we can recommend a tomorrow`s party in Arma 17 of new series Log, organizuemoj the same forces that did earlier festival Save. Except the name, has not changed, however, absolutely anything. On feste all as represent a viscous mix from bits and bytes, rustles and knocks which sometimes rank as music - performed by the best masters minimala from every corner of the globe. This time the preference is given Switzerland, whence on Log there will arrive at once two projects - Konpiuta and Dualism (so - with two zeroes from above). Under the secret-service data, for Swiss Dualism girl Kvamina and guy Gab disappear that, however, can be a lie because on posters musicians prefer to draw themselves people - invisible beings from minimal - a techno. That is in clothes a unisex and in ear-phones, but with the image of goals etched on the computer. The author of project Konpiuta does not hide the appearance of the unshaven clodhopper, but with a name is over-modest even more - it did not manage to be found in general anywhere. As to music, here words it is possible to describe the little unless to tell that Konpiuta stamps minimal - a techno hardly more vigorous, sometimes and gitarku on pair seconds can insert that to genre measures the big boldness. Whereas Dualism are pleasant to judges for turning of rustles, vshlipov and knocks on empty electronic canisters in like senseless at first sight, and actually the extremely intricate spiral. We will notice that authors festa for certain have not casually chosen scene of action Arma 17: it makes sense to listen to similar electronics only on a good sound, and in this club just such (marks Funktion One) also it is established.

to the admirers of the techno who have got a bit tired from minimala, we dare to advise to visit a tomorrow`s party in Soljanke on which Dane Patrick Rasmussen, it Raz Ohara was promised to act. He/she is the extremely entertaining vocalist and the DJ beginning the activity on podpevkah at the guru of a German techno of Alexander Kovalski, and then engaged in career at once in several directions. Together with collective The Odd Orchestra of friend Olivera Dorelja Patrick the thoughtful neopriest and neosoul with periodic calling on John Lennon`s territory began to execute. And together with Apparat Band notable electronics engineer Sashi of the Ring - to stamp a mix of a techno about fate - music. It is no wonder that by this time Rasmussen has grown to own production - much more rokerskih tracks, than electronic in which notes as Prinsa and Michael Jackson, and Tom Jones are clearly heard. Simultaneously with it Patrick has started also to reduce a techno - plates. In general to understand, what exactly the Dane will do in Soljanke it was necessary to address to the promoter of club Phillip Mironov. It has willingly explained that Rasmussen at first will sing and then any time will play : More shortly, such person - with a record player and with a microphone .