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Gentle formality

Collection Giorgio Armani autumn - winter 2008/ 09
Marina Prokhorov

New collection Giorgio Armani again tells looks enough traditional for this gran - marks. And it is again good. Giorgio Armani almost all ideas now in the price. It is clothes for quite adult business women, and feminity in understanding of this designer consists in some visible with the naked eye androginnosti, force and coquetry connection. At Giorgio Armani always is better the balance between clearness of formal style, softness kezhuala and seeming unexpected so even more appreciable tenderness of furnish - flounces, bows, soft draperies turns out. In a present collection all these characteristic signs of its personal style can be found out easily.

all is very quiet and reserved. Giorgio Armani represents first of all not seasonal fluctuations of trends, and certain style of life. Classical Giorgio Armani is, certainly, convenient and thus elegant clothes for very occupied people it is important fine to them to feel since morning and till the evening. In this season it is fashionable to be the occupied perfectly feeling woman in convenient elegant clothes so the main mood of this collection is very modern.

rigid great volumes and architectural dresses in this collection not to find - Giorgio Armani loves wrapping up clothes, but thus always prefers to work with soft fluid silhouettes. Not without reason one of its major contributions to fashion history are the facilitated superconvenient whether official jackets, whether house kardigany. Female jackets Giorgio Armani are not less easy and convenient. And very favourite by this designer female brjuchnye suits though are suitable for any careerist, softness remind a pyjamas.

each season thinks out Giorgio Armani trousers new, though also invariably soft as east shalvary. In this season its main trousers practically shalvarami also are. They wide, collected at ankles on narrow manzhetki and thus difficult found, with corners at level of knees. However, in a collection there are also more traditional trousers.

jackets and waistcoats the diversified. But exclusively soft and given a close fit. Short woollen tuxedos with the direct expanded shoulders and short very soft velvet tuxedos with a wide silk bow instead of a fastener. Extended semidesjatnicheskie easy jackets and very narrow short spensery from a tweed or quilted lame. Small fitted coats from wool, cashmere and astrakhan fur.

dresses, skirts and tops besides soft and coquettish. In a collection there are free tops and skirts from circles of pleated silk, small dresses with magnificent sborchatymi the sleeves, skirts closing a knee - klesh and skirts - tulips.

the Main accessories Giorgio Armani of this season - wide leather belts and baletki on absolutely flat sole, with sharp, but a short nouse and very deep decollete. Intricate as east slippers embroidered by patterns from beads and silk. This time the footwear on heels is very successful. These are closed shnurovannye boots and shoes with set of thongs. In the spirit of 30 - h, but on semidesjatnicheskom a sharp and direct heel. Bags - or very soft chubby bags and tobacco pouches from crocodile and a snakeskin, too with an embroidery and incrustation, or very long and narrow plentifully decorated envelopes.