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It is black - white

Victoria Mihajlenko`s choice
the Graphic combination black and white in clothes it is eternal, but here already some seasons are successively black - the white clothes do not hand over a position of one of the major trends. But like monotonous alternation of the black and white can be very different in mood. In last season it is black - white things looked exclusively dramatically and as though moulded a silhouette, than drew to itself an attention maximum. And it is black this autumn - white things are simply decent and reserved. To one of the major patterns became simple it is black - a white cage. Large and small, the most different kind - a uniform cage vishi a broken line a chicken pad . But the main cage - wide and easy, reminding a grid or the writing-book lined in a cage. Such cage in this season is beaten in all possible ways. And most of all reminds a shade of the extremely actual in this season of mesh capes. In the same way, as the lace in this season can be not simple a lace, and a print simulating its patterns. But it is black - a white cage even easier and more easy. In this season it, on the one hand, supports very important trend - rhythmical and accurate drawing in a cage in this season can be found practically in all collections. And on the other hand, it is black - a white cage though keeps this vigorous rhythm, but at the same time allows an eye to have a rest from brightness of a colour pattern. That is figurative value is black - white in this season has changed considerably - now this contrast combination of colours urged to dramatize not so much an image, how many him to calm.